Hartwell Bite???

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  1. flatheadsalyer1

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    Pickens, SC
    Anybody got any word on the Hartwell bite? I am gonna see what I can do with them a few days this week.
    Thanks in advance for any info!!
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  2. JimmyJonny

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    I've been workin in NC, just got home this morning so I haven't been out.

    Wish I could recommend something but darn the bit has been bad ( for me ) on Hartwell. 12-mile has been really bad but then again so has everywhere else I've been.

    One nice thing is that some birds started showing up around the lake lately, maybe they can help some. Last year the birds didn't stay around long at all, they were all at McDonalds parking lot in Clemson begging for french-fries.....

    I am going to start driving my wife NuTz today, that way in a day or so she will throw me out to go fish, LOL. I'm gonna finish wiring my running lights today so I can fish at night........

    If I hear anything today I'll Pm ya. Give me a shout out if ya go out this week...maybe I will see ya out there.