harts lake

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  1. henderson616

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    anybody here ever fish harts lake?
  2. frownie1

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    i have caught a couple nice chanel cats out of hearts lake 5lbs but i have seen some 20 plus ponuders pulled out of there but not my be yet

  3. Steelie L

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    Hey all. This is my first post here. I live in Western Washington and do a lot of fly fishing for trout and steelhead, but I'm also rediscovering my passion for warmwater fish -- bass, bluegill, catfish -- which I learned to fish for as a kid in California. I know there's not a lot of good catfishing on this side of the state, but I'm interested in giving Harts a try. Does anyone know if they allow night fishing? Is there a public fishing dock, or do you need a boat? Any other suggestions for a boat-less angler are much appreciated. And if anyone wants any tips on fly fishing, feel free to give me a shout. I even have an extra float tube and would be more than happy to take a newbie out to a lake.

  4. Shinchan

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    HI but now WA
    So here's the skinny on Harts Lake:
    1)You can fish from the launch ramp but theres not much space there.
    2) Theres a store next to the parking lot that supposedly sells bait but it's only open weekends
    3) Theres a dock to fish from down from the store but it costs $3.50 to use and is open when the store is.
    4) Night fishing is prohibited
    5) A boat, canoe or kayak is your best option to find the fish.
    I fished for about 2.5 hours from the launch ramp with cut bait and the only thing moving my line was the dragonflies hitting it. I guess I'll come back with a kayak....
  5. spokey9

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    The lady who owns the store will let you fish off her dock at night she lives in the big house inside the fence. u gotta pay her early if you planning on staying for the dark. The new dock she put in is way to noisy though and the channels get real shy of it. it might not b so bad if you and a buddy get out there by yourselves and pretty much sit still all night. U can fish the boat launch without much hassle if ur quiet and don't build a fire. it closes at dusk but it's one of those things that as long as your not out there drinking an being an ass nobody cares about.