Harrods Creek

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    Harrods Creek, Kentucky
    I finally got a john boat, I am hoping someone out there could give me some tips for fishing Harrods creek. Or creeks that run off the Ohio river. Helpful information would be:

    -What species should I target?
    -How far up Harrods Creek is navigable?
    -I know this is a long shot but if anyone has a honey hole they would like to share with me, it would be GREATLY appreciated.
    -Any interesting landmarks along the way.
    -I have also heard that if you go far enough up the creek to where it gets shallow and then where the deep pools start, they hold "monster" bass. (any truth to this?)
    -Basically any onformation anyone out there has would be great!

    I will update you guys/gals if I answer any of these questions my self.

  2. cubacroc

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    Louisville, Kentucky
    Mouth of the creek and the first few hundred yards yield some nice channel cats, some bass and a mix of other species all year. I have taken many channel cats from under the docks while throwing spinners and crank baits. My PB channel took a large black jitterbug on the mud flat at the mouth of the creek one July night.
    Stay out of the marinas as the owners will call the water patrol.
    Never have done much good from the Upper River Road Bridge to the US 42 Bridge. Upstream from the US 42 Bridge you enter the discharge zone from the Hunting Creek / Prospect development. About another 1/2 mile upstream it becomes a nice small stream again and you can fish the rocks, log jams and standing timber. The first gravel bar has always been hit or miss. In the spring time you may catch the spawn runs of Sauger / Walleye, Small Mouth Bass and Drum. The Channel Cats will move in after the cooler water species are done.
    If you drag a boat up thru thru shallows you could fish some areas that few ever reach. Less than 1 mile from the first gravel shallow you will reach the Old Scout Camp Bridge on Covered Bridge Rd.
    Never caught any "monster bass" in Harrods Creek. The green sunfish and other panfish can grow large in the upper stretch just because most folks do not get to that part of the stream. You might even catch a small pickerel.
    Good Luck and watch out for the big cruisers and houseboats in the creek. They do not tend to respect a small boat.
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    Shelbyville, Ky
    X2 on River patrol in the Marina's, and the Captains Quarter's guests in large boats will run you over, most are drunk. If you can put up with the confrontations, there is good fishing for cats in the mouth of Harrods Creek.
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    I have been there, long ago. All I recall is wanting to get back in the creek and away from the big scary boils in the river LOL! Be careful! :eek:oooh:
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    Louisville, Ken
    You go on up into the creek right past rivercreek inn or around in there along the outer bank(towards the ohio) drift/paddle or troll dragging live gills/6" shads/suckers about a foot or so off bottom in May/June when the big blues travel their to spawn.. you better have some good rod holders, my oldest boy can go down their everyday and catch one at lease 20-40lb during this time.:wink: