Harris Lake In Oct-Nov

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  1. hobojunction

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    Any good spots to fish on (Progress Energy) Shearon Harris Lake at New Hill during the fall months? I usually go to the Cape Fear near Lillington but really want to give Harris a try. I didn't know if the fish usually hang around the dam end or not this time of year. Thanks for any help! Oh yea, I usually try to take a few bluegill from 3-4" in length. Would this be a good choice at Harris?
  2. idolg

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    Colfax, NC
    Welcome to the BOC. I fished Shearon Harris about 10 years ago and caught the most bass that I had ever caught in one day jigging a spoon! We were fishing a road bed. I need to go back and try catfishing now! Good luck fishing!

  3. laidbck111

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    I have never fished there but have talked to some of the old timer's that fish near me and they have said that it is ok for catfish but the bass and crappie rule there.
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    Bass and crappie are certainly the fish of choice at Harris, but there are catfish there. Try any of the creeks especially close to the mouth of the
    creeks. I usually look for the drop offs and see if I can mark any fish. Once I do that I try to position so I can put out lines deep and shallow. If one depth seems to work better I reposition and concentrate on that depth. Good luck. While you're there you might as well put out a few minnows.