hardnutz aka(matt hardbaug) MADISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    OK EVERYONE HE NEEDS US NOW . we have been with him and madison praying and hope for him to get full custody . well for some unknown reason he lost her . lets get after it .
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    Prayers going up for Matt and Madison. Keep us up dated.

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    prayers sent for M & M from ga
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    Matt, I'm sorry to hear you are havin such terrible troubles. Hope things work out for you and Madison really soon. Prayers goin up for ya from MS. Keep the faith and stay strong for Madison, things will work out for the best in the end.
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    Uh, the only Matt and Madison that I know in such a situation such as this would be Matt Hardbarger, Teasvalleyguy. Is this the person to whom you are referring?

    In any case, prayers are sent up from the Blue Ridge for Matt and Madison.
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    I have been asked to put the story up for all to read. Here it is.....

    My fight for Madison….

    Many of you don’t know the fight I have been through to keep Madison safe out of harms way so I will fill you in…..

    Mandy and I split up before she because pregnant with Madison. Well, in July of 2004 I found out she was pregnant. She said she had nowhere to go and the guy was threatening to kill the baby. I let her move back in to my house. She told me she wanted to work on our marriage and she was going to give the baby up for adoption. It was not the baby’s fault to I let her have a roof and everything she needed for properly raising a baby.

    When the baby was born I got a call that she was keeping the baby. She called me from the hospital. She told me she was sorry and It was up to me to decide if I wanted to be a part of Madison’s life. That was the first time I heard her name. This was very difficult for me and I could not grasp it right away.

    A couple days after Madison was born Mandy was asleep up in bed and she was downstairs in the basinet. I went in and she just smiled at me. From that day I decided it was not the babies fault and I would do everything I could to make sure she was raised as my own. I sat my family down and we had a long talk. They all decided that if it was my decision to raise it they would also do their part to take responsibility.

    For 2 years or so everything was great. She was my little girl and I was her daddy. She loved me so much and there was not a day that went by that I was not giving her a kiss, hug, and loving on her.

    Well, around Aug of 2007 Mandy started acting up again. The first time she left she admitted to being on drugs and swore she would not do it again. I knew I have been down this road before when she left last time and I refused to do it again.

    We exchanged Madison every other day while she worked on herself so she said. I got a call one night around 1am and Mandy accidently dialed me. I heard a guy in the background and I knew I was not dealing with it again. I told Mandy I wanted to work this out or I was filing for divorce and going for custody.

    She did not believe me so I did what I said I was going to do. In the process I had found notes to guys, blunt wrappers, and other things I did not want Madison around. Mandy went 5 days without letting me talk or see Madison so I had to set up a plan to get my daughter and protect her.

    I took a day off work and went to Circleville to find Madison. I found her at Mandy’s moms house and I had to think quick. Mandy was not there. I went in and told them I was taking Madison for ice cream. I picked her up and they helped me get her ready. I then took off outside and loaded her in the car. Mandy pulled up and I left. I called the cops and let them know where I would be if they needed me.

    We filed for emergency custody and got that granted by the courts. I have had custody since Oct of 2007. Mandy is pregnant with her 3rd child buy a guy. I don’t want to put his name out there but know he has been arrested several times. Child endangerment, attempted felonius assuslt, contributing to the delinquency, possession of cocain, rape accusations, and several other things.

    I have done everything in my power to keep Madison away from that house. I have spent so much money, time, blood, sweat and tears to make sure Madison is safe. Mandy’s dad, her sisters, all went to bat for me in court writing letters. Her friends did the same, they knew where Madison was best off at. I also had the GAL’s verdict of me keeping custody.

    But, the Magistrate decided it was more about Mandy then about Madison’s well being. It breaks my heart and I have not slept since Tuesday when I get the decision. My daughter cries when she knows she can’t live with daddy anymore. She has the love of my family and Mandy’s family that no longer talks to her because of the road she has went down but that has been taken away from her.

    If you can donate, write a letter, make a call….do whatever you can to help we would appreciate it. Know that Madison is my life and she has every avenue open for a successful future as long as she is surrounded by people that love her.

    Thanks and much love,

    Madison and Matt
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    Hi Matt, very sorry to hear your situation. I wish you and Madison all the luck in the world brother.
    P.S. sent ya a p/m brother.



    Alma Kansas
    Keep your head up Matt we all have you and madison in our prayers. I myself went through a long drugout custody battle with my ex and finally they seen things my way and I got my little soon to be 13yrs old girl 6yrs ago. So I really wish the best for your little girl and hope that she gets to come back home she needs to be. With her DADDY.
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    you and madison will be in my prayers...i know what your goin through....just look up trust in the lord and he will take care of things.
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    just said and sent prayers
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    prayer sent hope it all works out for ya
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    more thoughts and prayers my friend.
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    prayers from the bluegrass state coming right up....

    i dont know the story but i hope things work out, and im sure the man upstairs knows the big plan better than what we do.
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    Matt and Madison prayers go out for you. It has been a long road and still going with a lot of curves. I pray for that road to end. And for you two to be back togather. It was a blessing to get to meet you two at the NG1. She loves her daddy sooo much and I know he loves her very much. Keep us all updated. Good Luck