Hard fishing on Lake Moultrie

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    Was going to fish last night after church and storm with lots of lightning so waited until daylight this morning. Got on the water about 7:30 from short stay, all they had were large goldfish started drifting from marker 7 and drifted around each marker from 300-400 yards each side all the way back to the dam we used live & cut goldfish, cut mullet, cut dead hering. shrimp, and whiting heads only to be disappointed we didn't catch the first fish. We had boats come and go around us and I didn't see them catch anything either so we pulled out about 1230. I stoped at the cleaning tables on the way out and there were only about 6 or 7 heads or bodys in the dumpster and they looked like all chanelcats fron 3-8 lbs. We stayed in 25 to 70 ft of water all day so the bite may have been in the shollow waters, I thought they would have went deep after all that storm last night but just couldn't find the bite.
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    Nope, if you had fished shallow from 7:30-12:00 you would likely have come up with similar results. Right after the spawn you'll have more "miss" days than "hit" days. Better days are ahead though!

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    It usually takes a couple of days for things to settle down after a front comes through, too, Steve. Fishing from 15-40' right now should be the best depths, IMO. Give Roundhill a shout; he'll know...