Hard days Work..Cal & Braunig

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    Hard days work..:wink:

    Finally got to fish with Don today, and had a blast. From coons chasing bobbers to fish jumping two foot outta the air it was alot fun this morning. Fishin' was good and company was better. Truly enjoyed it Don and thanks for joing me this AM. Ended up with a nice 50 fish morning for our efforts.


    Fished guests Steven and Jeff this afternoon and I guess Don and I wore them out at Calaveras. We caught 10 fish and tons of dinks before I asked Steve and Jeff if we wanted to try Braunig. Loaded up the boat and headed out to Braunig. Steve and Jeff put the hurt on them kitties on Braunig. Had an awesome evening watching those bobbers go down. Ended up with a nice 50 fish limit up to 7 pds. Awesome day on both lakes.

    Thanks Gents and I dunno who had more fun on both outings...me or yall
    Nothing new as far as a report....shallow water fishing danny kings under a float.
    Headed to the tundra (WI) to hunt for a week...you boys hold the fish down while I'm gone.
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    LOL, I think thats more cats than Ive caught all year. Congrats on truck load of fish, sounds like you guys had a blast. -Jim-

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    Highland Villag
    Now that's service right there. Great job Cliff on putting some outstanding numbers of quality size fish in the boat.
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    Way to go, Cliff. I know yall had a ball. I bet you are looking forward to the winter fishing down there in those warm water lakes. You're smack dab in the middle of some great year around fishing but I know when those generatiors crank out the warm water this winter, fishing will be red hot. IF things could get any better than they are now! Luke