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    well guys its your day ,i got cards from my four girls and hit by my wife . i just want to say i hope every dad on the BOC is as lucky as iam to have three step girls that care as much for me as they do .and one of my own whos love knows no end. i hope everyone herwe has or had a great daddy like i had . i learned alot from .it was one sunday morning when i caught a five pound catfish on a cane pole that was the day catfishing was in my blood! so on this day for dad or pop or daddy as i called mine . remember they may not be perfect but be glad you had one for all the good things they did for you . its bad to my BOC brothers and sisters a grown man of 300 pound and six feet four inches still tears up with the memories of my daddy. so today hug and kissem and love them like you were the young kid you were when they taught you to fish or hunt ,whatever that made you close .