Happy Childhood Program Ruined by Political Correctness

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by topjimmy, Apr 3, 2006.

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    When I was a child, I was not in the Boy Scouts, I was in the Indian Guides. Some of my fondest memories are of the "tribal meetings" and camping trips I went on with my father while participating in this YMCA program.

    I wondered if there was a program like the one in which I had participated when I lived in MN, that existed in AZ.

    Apparently, the Indian Guides is now the "Y-Adventure Guides". Yes, in today's super politically correct climate, it is insensitive to have a program called the "Indian Guides".

    Now, I was in this program for almost my whole childhood. It was in no way disrespectful of Native Americans, in fact, the program glorified, celebrated, and attempted to emulate the Native American culture. Despite all of this, evidentally the practice is still insensitive.

    It seems that it is inconsiderate and hateful for people to wear vests with beavers on the back (I was in the beaver tribe), and call each other "Red Fox", "Old Bear", and "Wildfire" while making children's crafts, roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories.

    There are some folks still continuing the Native American theme, and they have some websites with helpful information about how to properly run the program. Among their advice "If you use costume, dance, or ceremonies, make sure you’ve done your research and they are authentic and appropriate to the occasion. Too often we mix tribal customs/ceremonies and the end product is inaccurate and offensive. Don’t combine the dress, traditions, rituals and ceremonies of different tribes. Select one tribe, research it and make sure that your portrayal is authentic."

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    I was in the Boy Scouts and they had what was then and still is called the Order of the Arrow. Which dealt with ceremonial dances and such. I didn't see any issues with what we were doing. Maybe someone made derogatory remarks about what was being done in the "Indian Guides":confused:

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    I was in both order of the arrow and Indian guides and enjoyed both. why people would ruin a good thing just to be political correct. are people with out a clue. let alone enough since to pour it out of a boot.
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    These political correct idiots need a hobby. They have too much free time to think of ways to make all of us miserable on a daily basis. None of em must fish.
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    Lets face it, political correctness has touched MANY programs. WOMEN are allowed to be scoutmasters now, AND go on campouts in boy scouts
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    Well I for one am offended by all this so called Political Correctness. I mean it like this, the Ten Commandants a founding base for this country and it is no longer allowed in our court house’s, come on now give me a break here. In God We Trust is something they are trying to remove from our money. Yea right! One Nation Under God is what they want removed for our pelage yea right! I see plenty wrong with any of that. I do have issues with you telling my kids they have to learn to speak Spanish. But they can not attempt to learn the ways of the Native American. My Grand father was White Mountain Apache and a leader of a Indian Guide troop. What gives whit this?

    This is America and we speak English here! I believe that if you want to come live here from a different country that is fine with me but don’t force me to speak your language here you better speak mine. If we are going to make our children learn a different language why not the Native American languages? But don’t come here from a foreign land and tell me that I have to speak your language or that your God is better than mine or I can not speak of my God because if offends you. I don’t go in your house and tell you what to do, how to worship, what God to believe in, or when and where to pray so don’t think your going to come to mine and tell me what to do. If you try then we have an issue. I though this country was founded on the basis of freedom. Freedom that gave you the right to believe in and worship the God of your choice, free to pray with out fear of government reprisal, freedom to pray in public before a meal.

    But because Little Johnny from some place most of us have only heard of on TV new finds it offensive because in there country they did it differently I am wrong well then I guess I will die wrong. These Political Correct “Meatheads” need to wake up and smell the coffee here. We are all different and have different ways of looking at things and different choices to make that we must live with. I am fully able to think for my self and don’t need some one else to think for me. If your harming some one or going out of you way to discredit some one’s belief’s intently then you not doing any thing wrong. But if your out to get some one because of there color or because they worship differently that you then we have a issue. The only thing I see all this Political Correctness doing is driving the people of this great nation further apart and not bring us closer together.

    Just my 2 bits worth!
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    I agree that the politicly correct peope should mind there own business. If they do not like the way this country is let them go back to where there ansestors came from. Too miny things are being changed by the wrong people.

    I am Native American and proud of it. 15/16 Cherokee. If you want to know something about Native Americans than ask a Native American and not some fool who thinks that becouse he/she has read books or articales written by non Natives they know everything about it. Leave our programs for kids alone, they have been teaching the younger generations good values for years.
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    My great grandmother was Cherokee who married and Irish immigrant! I find it too bad that the heritage was not continued through the generations! I never asked enough questions as a child! My bad!
    Before we know it there will be nothing to remember the people and their culture for who we honored as mascots, immage on coins, indian guides etc...

    What our forfathers wanted was to do away with the culture and the politically correct idiots are finishing the job!
  9. LarryW

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    What tees me off is that where ever you go or call someplace on the phone you have to talk to someone from the middle east or India and they can barley speak English. When this happens I talk to them in Cherokee, if they want to know what I am saying let them get an interpretor.
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    I'm confused. Our children can't say," One nation under God." in school.. BUT, the Federal government can put," In God we trust" on our currency.

    Is this " BIG BROTHER" ??? Now a days, you have to go along to get-along. It's all about money, my friends. Either the perceived need (greed) for more and more money, or the Fear of looseing what money one has.

    One person( I'm being politacally correct with that statement, lest I offend someone) started this whole thing. I was taught that The majority rules. Afterall, when we vote, it's the majority that wins. When congress votes, it's the majority that wins. But taint always so anymore dude. The minority is stronger than the majority. Politicians have Bowed to minority groups just to get their vote more than once.

    Well, thats about all I have to say about that.

    PS. My favorite Politically Correct statement.
    This comes out of a small town in New England. The phrase " Man hole Covers", was changed to Person hole covers." Only in America.
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    I was also in the Indian Guides when I was little. I still have alot of stuff from way back then heh. My dad actually started the local chapter in our area (St. Peters Mo)...

    We used to travel to national gatherings where Real Tribal Elders would teach and show us old Indian customs, dances, rituals. Such a pitty they have ruined a great program :crying:
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    Well Gator, I think that was certainly more than "two bits worth", you said it all and very politely too.