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    Can anyone tell me of good ramps for Mississippi around hannibal, I use the one off broadway but way to much traffic and no parking when its weekend. I usually fish upstrem from Hannibal , but don't know of any ramps

  2. Hannibal Mike

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    Hannibal, MO
    There is a gravel ramp above Hannibal, out rt 168 then on a dirt road toward the factory BSF (or something like that). I have never used it and only was there once, but if you get out 168 north of Hannibal, I am sure someone can direct you. I fish south of Dam 22 and there is a nice ramp at the dam near the town of Saverton and it is rarely crowded, but it is below the dam. The broadway ramp is not too bad if you aren't there at peak hours. A lot of people park in the huge gravel lot in front of "Bubba's Restaurant". It is never full that I have seen. Good luck & maybe we'll hookup sometime as I live in Hannibal. Mike

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    if you take hwy 61 north of palmyra there is a sign on the east side of the road that says fabius chute access. Follow that sign and there is a pretty nise ramp down there. its about 3 miles down that gravel. It puts you in the river at the mouth of fabius river a couple of miles south of the quincy damn
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    Hannibal MO
    The fabius chute ramp is good.The fabius gets low sometimes though but not to bad.If you go down and hit the Miss. there is a island just down river to the left.If you go on the inside of that island there is a wing dike,plenty of brush and it makes a deep hole.Ive caught several good flatties and channels out of there.Good luck.