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    I ran across this, and didn't see where anyone had posted this one before. It's a handheld sonar and more. Here's what the manufactor says:

    HawkEye Digital Handheld Sonar System

    [FONT=arial, helvetica][​IMG]NorCross Marine # DF2200PX

    includes FREE batteries

    [SIZE=-1]The HawkEye handheld digital SideScan sonar will give you instant depth readings, from 2.5' to 199' feet, in 1/10th precision, but at the press of a button the display will give real time temperature (water or air) and fish readings.

    Use it in the winter to shoot through ice before cutting your hole. Use it in the summer as a range finder and temperature meter while diving. Use it as a backup depth finder on your pleasure boat or scan for channels in your dingy.

    With SideScan fish readings, there's no guessing where the drop-offs are or where the fish are hiding. One press of the button scans an area for drop-offs, ledges, or hiding fish. Scan under weeds, lily pads, and docks for trophy lunkers right before you make your cast.

    Portable Depth Finder Features:

    Depth Readings from 2.5 - 199 Feet (.7 to 60.1 Meters)
    Water or Air Temperature Readings from 14 - 122 Degrees F or C
    ShootThru Technology Reads Thru Boat/Kayak/Canoe Hulls and Ice
    SideScan Fish Detecting Sonar Pinpoints Hiding Fish
    Waterproof to 200 Feet for Diving
    Maintenance Free Button design
    SoftGlow Backlit LCD Display
    Polarized LCD measures .93 x .63"
    10 Hour Continuous Use on 4 'AA' Batteries (included)
    7" x 2" x 2" Unit Size
    Sonar Angle 20 Degrees
    Sonar Frequency 200 KHZ
    2 Year Warranty
    What do you think, I saw them on eBay for less than $80.00. Does anyone have any experience or own one of these. Thanks