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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by warcraft1975, Feb 5, 2006.

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    i am getting ready to do some flooring in my old boat, i have a bunch of 1x6's i can get for free from my work, i was wanting to plane them down alittle so they would look neater in the floor and be closer to the thickness of the other flooring,is a hand held planer easy for a beginner to use?is there some things i should know baout it before i just jump on in and try to use one
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    Well unless you can find one that is as wide or wider than the boards you are going to use it will leave lines in the boards were you try to cut the other edge off.

  3. Cyclops01

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    Your better bet is to get a table top planer. I own a DeWalt 12 inch machine and it's very well built. It has a three blade cutting head and the blades are easy to change out or, sharpen and replace. With the exception of where it was my own fault, the DeWalt planer is pretty good when it comes to preventing snipe cuts near the end of your stock. It is also a very easy to use piece of equipment.

    Should you decide to go shopping for a table top planer, you would want to stay away from the units with two blades. The quality of cut is not as good as with three, they're more prone to snipe and a lot louder.

    Personally, I feel an electric hand held planer is better suited for edges rather than stock faces, but will never replace a good jointer.

    I do have a word of caution for ya. Working with wood is habit forming. You just might find yourself a regular reader and poster in SSG Johnson's Woodworking thread!!! LOL

    Good Luck

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    It can be used, But make sure to set it where it just touches the wood. and use it on a scrap piece for a while. I have one of them and hate it. If you were close I would let you run them through my 15" planer.
    Your best bet is find someone with a benchtop planer and have them run it through for you.
    If you do deside to use the hand planer just take your time and it will do the job. I fit were me I would take a marker and just run lines on the board and when all lines leave your about there.

  5. warcraft1975

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    i have been looking for a good used table top,buying one new is just so expensive, i do have alot of projects where i could use one,from the baot flooring to my wood fur strecthers, who nows maybe i will get lucky and find me one
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    Warcraft, check out the pawn shops in your area for a table top planer. I don't recommend trying to get the thickness down with a hand held planer. You will have a big mess on your hands if you don't have a lot of experience and sometimes even if you do have a lot of experience it won't be the way you want it to be.