halloween treats???

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    another halloween came and went and the old familiar favorites of
    mine cluttered the coffee table along with some new fangled candy ive never seen jolly ranchers with sour powder inside???
    and some futuristic gummy creatures thats idenity can only be known to
    kids that watch the cartoon shows they were created after.
    i was disapointed in not getting one of the dreaded black or orange wrapped peanut butter chews that my kids was always quick to allow me to have:tounge_out: . i always look forward to at least a handful of those.
    i did get 3 mary jane peanut butter chews and i seen a couple small bags of candy corn .
    my biggest surprise to see my son dump out of his bag though was a
    packet of taco seasoning !!!!!!! LOL i asked him if his buddy and him went to a house that didnt have there porch light on??
    he said no it was on . i thought that was a treat in itself.
    it reminded me of hearing someone on the radio once telling how he hated answering the door for trickertreaters and he would put cangoods in their sacks crushing their candy and makeing their sacks heavy:roll_eyes: .
    it also reminded me of the grumpy old men movie that showed one of them putting all sorts of grocery items in sacks because they forgot to get candy.
    just wondering if anyone else had any funny treats to share .
    hope all the BOC's kids had a great and safe halloween.
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    we had a safe and happy halloween.

    No longer do you see Sugar Daddy's and Bit-o-Honey's in the kids loot sacks. Gone are the days of wax coke bottles filled with some kind of liquid. Now my kids got gummy eyeballs, gummy lord knows what, and some other odd candies but, no, they did not get a packet of taco seasoning. They did get the standards though, sweet tarts, tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, lolli pops, and pixie sticks. Along with some other good stuff. Kit-Kat's, 3 musketeers, baby ruths, and snickers. The best grab of the night, my daughter got 3 King Sized butter fingers from one lady. *(Yessssssss, score!!!!!!)*

    One of those became mine as it was "questionable" At least, that's what I told my daughter.

    Oh how I miss the days of old when I was a kid and got to go running door to door to door to try and make it to as many houses as possible in the 90 mins we had to go trick or treating.

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    You don't like the Taco Seasoning? He had a choice of that or Hidden Valley Rach dip mix. He chose it. Next time tell your brats not to go to my house! :big_smile:
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    I had a good time last night but didnt see anything "unusual" as far as candies go though. I did however eat a pile of those orange and black wrapped peanut butter candies though..LOL. I got to spend some time with my daughter and her mother...ugh... She was dressed like a witch..Oh man did I ever bite my tounge..LOL Oh well, next year I'll have my own lil tot to dress up like the popular lil' Giraffe of Whinney the poo! I seen the most adoreable little girl last night while handing out candy. She had a home-made ladybug costume that had these little wings tht fluttered...My wife thought it was cutest thing she'd ever seen! LOL Alright, enough of my senseless ranting! Happy belated Halloween! Mwahahahahahaha!
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    I got kicked in my "boy" from scaring a little boy. His dad, our neighbor was laughing so hard he had snot bubbles coming out of his nose. As for trats the kids that came all got white chocolate covered pretzels. Next year I think we are setting up a small spook house with some of the neighbors.