Halloween Flathead 07'

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    Halloween Flathead ‘07
    As the sun crested the horizon RiverScum and I was just arriving at the boat launch. The weather was supposed to be seasonally warm for this time of year. But this early in the morning a damp chill lingered in the air. A thick blanket of fog lay mysteriously across the river. As we loaded our gear into the small 12 ft. boat we were going over the plan of attack for the day. Hoping to set out on a great adventure of extraordinary flathead fishing. As we debarked from the shore the fog grew so ever thick. So thick in fact that it was impossible to see either shoreline. Though this stretch of river was like our backyard. We navigated through the thick mystify fog to a small logjam that was a landmark for our first spot to fish. RiverScum had so quietly and gently maneuvered the boat to the exact spot just ahead of a small hole. The boat was positioned so that we would be able to cover both shorelines and the deep hole in the main channel. As we one by one rigged our 6 lines {3 lines per fishermen in the state of Indiana} with live 4-6 in. bluegills and some with fresh cut bluegills. We anticipated of having a great day of fishing. Hoping to capture some good video and some nice pictures to share and brag about. Shortly after the last line was in the water the distinct noise of a clicker rang out. Like a bullhorn in a library. The clicker rang out once again on the Shakespeare Tidewater 40 LCL. It was one of my lines. I quickly engaged the reel and with a swift hook set the 9ft. Big Cat stick bent as if it was the letter “J”. The battle began; soon afterwards the mighty fish was lifted into the boat. A quick celebration and then followed by some pictures and got weight of the fish. And the 20#lb flathead was gently released to fight another day. I re-rigged with fresh bait and placed another cast on the inside bend of the river where the fish was taken from. A short while pasted with a little bit of small talk and again the distinct sound of a Shakespeare clicker rang out. It was one of my poles once again, with something at the end of my line making breakfast out of the fresh bluegill I put out. Getting ready for the next run I grab a hold of my rod and the fish began to run the clicker sang out. With out hesitation I give a mighty jerk of my rod, a good hook set and the fight was on once again. Shortly afterwards the fish was lifted into the boat and we celebrated again. Took some pictures and got weight of the fish and the 15#lb flathead was released back into the water. As the morning hours pasted the thick fog had lifted and the sun sit high in the ever so blue sky. I managed to catch and release 2 more fish with RiverScum unsuccessful up until this time. Still determined RiverScum was not about to call it a day. We had both decided to relocate to our next spot. RiverScum motored the small boat up river perfectly positioning the boat so that all 6 lines could be strategically placed covering a large logjam. With a deep hole adjacent to it. The lines were all in the water and we decided to take a quick sandwich and pop break, and rejoice on my catches. Our lunch break was interrupted by the sound of a clicker from the back of the boat. It was RiverScum’s line this time that was singing every fisherman’s favorite toon. With barely enough time to grab a hold of the line RiverScum gave a mighty jerk. So mighty it shook the small boat from side to side. A perfect hook set and the 8 ft. rod quickly took the shape of a “U”. Both of us knew right then this is one we were after. The battle was long and fierce. Man vs. fish and neither one wanted to give up any ground. With the big tail breaking the surface of the water and making that “swoosh” sound. We admired the size of this fish. With RiverScum losing line off his Shakespeare as fast as he would gain line the big fish was not done fighting yet. As minutes went by it seemed like an hour went by. A few more impressive “swooshes” from the massive tail the big cat was getting tired. As RiverScum maneuvered the big fish next to the boat I quickly grabbed his rod so that he could land this huge fish. RiverScum bent over the boat and with a mighty tug not once but twice lifted the massive flathead into the boat. We both were just amazed at the size of this cold-water cat. It was as long as the boat was wide. With a moment of rest for everyone {including the fish} I got some real nice pictures, weighted, measurement of the fish. We took a few moments to admire this beautiful fish and then the best part of the whole trip was when RiverScum gently released the 46” 40#lb flathead back into his realm. So maybe they could meet again.
    This is my story of our “Halloween Flathead II” fishing trip.