Half Moon Bay Rockfish Season Opener

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    On 1 June 2007, I took a charter from Half Moon Bay, CA to participate in the opening of the rockfish season in that area. We went south, stopping before we reached Pigeon Point. It was a wonderful day on the water in the near-shore region where we fished. Swells were, perhaps, 1'-2', and winds were calm. It was overcast most of the day, so temperatures were pleasant.

    The biggest thrill of the day for me was seeing all of the marine mammals. I got to see a wild whale for the first time. It came so close to the boat that we had to be careful not to cast in that direction. There were also reports of porpoises, and I also saw a group of four seals breaching.

    Fishing was another matter. The bite was slow, and the captain showed great skill in setting us up so that we managed to get a boat limit before we had to turn back. Because of the slowness of the bite, we kept fish that would ordinarily have been thrown back. However, none of what was kept was smaller than eating size, and I believe more than half the fish were in the 14"+ range.

    On the positive side, we did manage four keeper size ling cod and several keeper size cabazon. Also, I witnessed someone landing a rock for the first time.

    Things should improve when the water warms up.

    -- Rich