Half a cow or pig

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    I have looked all over the net for prices for half a cow or whole pig.....I figure it would be cheaper in the long run to do this instead of paying supermarket price. Anyone have any idea what this would cost? Looking to maybe split half a cow with my brother. Any help would be great.
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    try your local butcher. The last time I bought a pig I was in SC and I think it was 125 whole, goat was 20-35 depending on the size. The last time I bought a side of beef it was 195-255 whole. Most of those prices are older, more than 5 years for SC and more than 9 years on the beef.

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    Looking on the internet for a side of beef? You must be a city boy... :big_smile:

    Check the yellow pages for "Meat processing" or "meat market" or "butcher"...
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    Before you buy a beef from a butcher check with a local farmer to see what he will sell you one for. He might deliver it to a local butcher for processing for you also. Lack of grass and now hay is driving beef prices down. Don't wait till spring though, when the grass starts growing again so will the beef prices. The last pig I bought cost me 50 cents a pound live weight, but I hauled it. The processing was about $75 with the hams and bacon smoked. By the way, anybody have any hay for sale!