Had a great time this afternoon!

Discussion in 'Salt Water Fishing' started by jerellman, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Went out to a local marina around 12 pm just to kill some time. It was my cousins first time fishing ever and we were hoping for a few fish. I rigged up his pole with 2 hooks and a 2 oz. torpedo weight and some squid. Once he casted it, i swear his pole went down down like 5 seconds after it was crazy! He jerked the rod immediately and the hook was set, after 10 minutes of reeling the fish in, it finally surfaced and it was 1 fish it was 2 15# stingrays! we were both surprised; we took a couple pictures and released em. Soon after that, my rod went down and i had a 26" leopard shark on, not big enough for me to keep though for my tank :sad2:. And the wierdest thing happened like an hour later... I went to go check on my bait and all of a sudden i feel some tension on the line so i jerked the rod but i didnt set the hook, so i thought i lost the fish; but i sure was surprised.....when my bait started to get near the boat i see a tail pop out of the water and when i brought it up to shore i was totally grossed out! it was a dead 2 lbs striper, its head was hanging from the body only by its guts , its bones were hanging everywhere and the tail was all chewed up :0a5: it was wierd. my hook mustve got tangled up with the floating carcass of the fish while it was moving with the current and i apparently hooked it, LMAO. Well at the end of the day we ended up with 9 rays up to 19 lbs., 3 leopard sharks up to 26", 1 thornyback shark @ 5 lbs., and a gross 1 lbs. gross chewed up striper :big_smile:.
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    Sounds like a great day, congrats on the catches.

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    sounds like you had a pretty exciting time. good luck on your next fishing trip
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    thats what i love about fishing in the ocean. you can get ANYTHING!! congrats on the catches man