Had a fun weekend!

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Tar_River_kid, Mar 19, 2006.

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    NC- Nash county
    Had a fun weekend!

    Hey yall, glad I found this place! Seams fun hear. Well a little about me. Im a 18 year old eastern NC boy. I hunt and fish every chance I get! Im a big fan of FORD trucks, drive a 1994 ford ranger 4X4. As my name implies I live near the Tar River, any others near hear….Nash County.

    Well Saturday me and a friend decided the go catfish’n, but first we had to get some bait. Off to see the gills. As we where sitting around the bank of a small pond fishing for some blue gills a boy about 14’ish ride up to the pond on a bike, he says “you fishing?” im thinking duh but I just say yep. He said ohh, I never bin fishing. Me and my friend where shocked, round hear kids go 4 places Hunting, fishing , school, and church! So we ask him If he would like to give it a try. He said sure so I walked to the truck and rigged up a light- weight reel for him to use. We told him how to cast and set the hook and turned him lose; Hell he almost out fished us! Well after about an hour and a half (we wert still keeping just have fun) he said he need to get home, of course he said after one more fish! Lol Me and my friend walked to the truck, I found a small tackle box that I had in the tool box of my truck for odds and end. Dumped it out in the tool box (hey I can always reorganize………next week) then me and my friend went threw our tackle box’s taking out roster tails, beetle spins and other baits like that. We walk to him and explained how to use the different baits and told him the box and pole where now his. He was ecstatic. He promised use he would stick to it and learn more about fishing! Later while me and my friend where driving away we said, ya know 10 years from now we might see that kid on the river. I always hear people say take a kid fishing, but I never knew It was so much fun to. All of those that have never taken a local kid fishing for the fist trip should really give it a try.

    Happy Fish’n Randy :cool:
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    First of all welcome to the BOC!!!!!!!!!! Judging from your thread I think you will fit in just fine here. There are great people here and tons of info.
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    Beginners luck... :)... im sure you've hooked him for life on the sport. Good job :)
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    Welcome to the BOC.You should be proud of yourself for what you did with that kid,you dont know what kind of impact you had by doing what you did.Good for you.
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    Randy, Welcome to the best catfishing site on the net! Man you have got to feel good all over. You and your friend may have changed that kids life for the better, hope he sticks with it.
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    Good job Randy. It's fun doing something for a newbie like that. I like to do that at the local reservoir. I gotta admit though, after I'm nice to 'em, I usually recruit 'em to help me catch perch for bait!!!!! Lol
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    Randy my hat's off to ya man... Not only was that a very cool thing to do, ya just may have changed that boys life for the better. Gett'em fishin' and they don't have time for drugs.....
    That boy will remember that the rest of his life. Just think about that ! Y'all could of been real mean to him and he would of left knowin' not to jack with y'all the next time he sees ya.
    Instead you and your friend took the time to teach him how to fish.... He will never forget that.
    Everyone on this board knows who taught them how to fish.
    I think ya showed some really good sportsmenship and I'm proud to have ya on this board.
    Welcome to the BOC ! As ya will see, we are hear to help and learn from each other.
    Ya will fit right in.....
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    Tar River Kid - Welcome to the B.O.C.!:0a25: I don't know you but I'm very proud to call you a B.O.C. brother for showing that young man how to fish and giving him some of your equipment! The world needs more people like you! Great Job!:) :)
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    First of all welcome to the BOC man!:)

    Now as other's said that really was a great thing you did for that kid, because of you he will hopefully get serious about fishing which is about the best thing a person could do in my opinion.......Thank's, glad to have you here.

    By the way, I live in Northeast. NC, in a little town called Murfreesboro. I fish the Roanoke River, Meherrin River, and Gaston Lake. Let me know if ever you come down this way and want to fish.

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    hey there and welcome.... you get an A+ for helping out a kid! charlie r
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    Dude, that is an AWESOME thing you did for that young man! You should be proud. I still remember my dad teaching me to fish when I was about 6 or 7 years old. And now 29 years later, I'm still doing it as often as I can, and can't wait for my young'uns to get old enough for me to teach them.
    Oh yeah....welcome to the BOC! Stories like that are one of the reasons I love this site so much. Not only is there alot of wisdom on catfishin, but everyone here seems to just be good people. The same kind of people I remember meeting on lakes and rivers fishing with my parents and grandparents growing up. Hats off to you sir. That was a great thing you did.
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    :thumbsup: Good job Randy. The kid will remember what you did for him for years to come.:)
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    Welcome to the B.O.C., we are really happy to have you aboard! I have to say that I really enjoyed reading your first post! You set a fine example, and as said before, you will fit right in! God will bless you for your actions!