Had a Deer Swim By Me Friday.

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    I have always said that you can almost always find something interesting on each trip out. This past Friday was no different. After running up river from smallwood to get shad, I decided to work my way back down river and fish a couple places along the way. Having caught a couple around 30#'s(didn't weigh them, just guestimated). All hell broke loose along the bank with several dogs barking and jumping in the water up from me at least a half mile. It wasn't until I got to looking close at why they were in the water swimming did I see what looked like a deer ahead of them heading for the Va side from the Md. side ahead of the dogs.

    The deer hit the main channel and was coming down river with the outgoing current right for me. I got to thinking about if that deer could swim across the river at this spot(roughly at least a mile or better guess) and make it. Wasn't sure how long the dogs were chasing it. I decided to pull anchor and get the rods in fast and see if I couldn't turn the deer back around heading back to Maryland being that it was a lot closer to land.

    The deer got down to me just as I was getting the anchor up and I left it go by a little then started making a circle to get it turned back to the Md. bank. Not wanting to pushing it too much, I stayed back probably 50 yards or so and snapped a couple pictures. She looked tired with her tongue sticking out, but was still swimming at a decent pace. As soon as she hit the bank she plopped down and stayed there for roughly 10 or 15 seconds before heading into the brush just behind her, then plopped down again and stayed there for at least 15 minutes. Tried to get a picture of her getting to shore, but the pictures didn't turn out the best and is hard to see.

    might not be the most exciting things to happen, but it was just one of those moments it is cool to witness, and hopefully saved her from exhaustion and drowning. She did look like she needed a break once she got to shore.
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    Mike it sounds like a trip you will remember for a long time :wink:

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    Awsome!! Thanks for the pics and rescue.

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    wonder if they hit on topwater frogs?:smile2:
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    Wow that's crazy I didn't even know deer could swim. Good story. That must be a once in a lifetime thing cause I've never heard of that before. Evade and Escape! :smile2:
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    Mike thanks for the pics and story. I've seen this happen on lakes but never in the river. You probably saved its life. She want soon forget the adventure either.
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    When I was 16-17, I was out mushroom hunting on the islands just below Warsaw ,Ill, in a boat. A nice sunny day. We came upon a nice sized doe trying to swim the Mississippi River. The river is about a mile across right there. When we came up on her, she looked about done in, so we came alongside, and I grabbed her by the ears, and helped her the rest of the way across. I kind of think she appreciated the help, she didn't try to get away or anything like that. I thought I saw a look of gratitude in her eyes, but maybe not . Anyway it was a good experience for me. Later Andy
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    Now that was a Geographical Moment.
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    my dad and i was fishing a tournament and noticed a lot of deer on the bank looking out into the river (they wouldnt move) the closer we got we noticed a doe swimming across. that sectoin of river is not to wide so she made it fine ,but i dont think deer are ment to swim she still looked wore out once she hit the bank.
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    I too have been fishing as seen a deer crossing Lake James. Nothing like a mile wide where she was but she was still blowing to beat the band. I don't know if she was so worn out from the swim or the run from the dogs or whatever put her in the water.
    I used the trolling motor and went along beside her afraid she would go down any minute but I didn't touch her for fear she would hurt herself. I just talked softly to her and like you said, She didn't go but a few steps before laying down after making shore and I went on. There was not much chance the dogs would ever get to her there.

    I don't know if a deer is like a man or a dog, But after I came home from the service I ran 3 miles and jumped non stop into the pool. Dumb move. Every muscle in me locked up and I could hardly move the next few days. I have also bird hunted and had my dog jump into the river after covering 2-3 miles myself.. No telling how many times more ground he had covered. He couldn't move for a few days either.

    I hope these deer faired better.
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    Very nice story. Thank you for sharing. Actually I've seen deer swimming in small streams in the summer to cool themselves off and probably relieve themselves from the insect bites they get. Thanks again for sharing.

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    Its sad people have to run deer with dogs, probably bc they can't sit still long enough to have one walk by them.:angry: Always a cool experience to see deer swining across a lake or river. Thanks to mother nature for giving us the opportunity to see things like this when we go catfishin.:big_smile:

    Nice job on the 30 lbrs....