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    Bubbakat, I hate to ask, but would you know what year my Mercury 50 hp is: 5797628... I think it's a '78, I've bought parts and they are the right ones, but I'm getting different opinions on the year of the motor. More importantly, I've also been reading your other posts and noticed you advising people to rebuild the carbs if it's been setting awhile, well mine sat since 06 and I hate to bother you for a carb kits' part #, but I would appreciate it if you could tell me... carbs say "Mercarb" I believe it is. I also need the plastic linkage lever (Bellcrank?) for the choke's butterfly on the top carb... is that something easily had? I'm gonna try the dealer you have referred others to and it'll be nice to be armed with this info and I'll know it's right! Just one more thing, LOL... is searra (spelling) make good parts or not? Thank you very much ~ Bill
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    If that is a two cylinder then its a 80 or 81 model. Tell me some of the writings on the motor or cowleing that goes along with the model number