Guys Camp-out At Rend Lake

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    Had a great time at REND LAKE over the weekend, there were around 18 men from our Church that camped out. We spent most of the night Fri. and most of the day Saturday on the Lake. The fishing wasn't at all, a few caught some tiny striper, bass and cats but I believe the barometric pressure was off, that would be my guess. After everyone left Saturday I told my DAD that we needed to go by the marina and at least give it a shot//we always have had luck there. It seems no one wanted to go there this weekend which was fine, had a great time anyway. Well back to going to the marina---we got there about 1500hrs.//3 p.m. for all you civilians, and through in a few lines---we were there for about 1 1/2 hrs. I caught 2 about a pound and half and 2 smaller ones that I just decided to throw back for another day, also I lost probably another 3-4 due to goofing off and talking with my DAD. I think it's funny, it seemed everyone wanted to go somewhere else to try to catch fish instead of where I knew we could catch some, I'm no expert my no means--but the old saying If it's not broke don't fix it, Kind of works in this situation. We've been to the marina about 8 times altogether and never have we left empty handed, may not be the biggest cats but at least we had something to show for our time. I'm going to take my wife and 2 young daughters there in a few weeks and go camping and fishing again, I forgot how fun it was to camp and sleep out side--I haven't slept so good in months. Rend Lake is a beautiful lake, someone told me there were places in the middle that you could stand up and the water would come to his waste--he told me that there are places that it gets around 35 ft. but on the average it's a very shallow lake. I'm thinking boating in a lake like this would be quite dangerous especially going at any great speed. But for me it was a great weekend and a great time of fellowship with the guys.