Gutting a Shad

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    Most anglers know that shad guts make excellent catfish bait.The gut of the gizzard shad usually gets the most bites.This firm,tough piece of meat usually gets the most bites.

    You can fish with.....

    Fresh shad Gut: After catching the shad and removing the gut, you can begin to immediately fish with this bait.Although this bait will work anywhere at anytime,it seems the most productive in tailrace areas.

    Frozen shad gut: Works fine, just remember not to thaw out more shad guts than you can possibly use during your fishing trip.Keep in a cooler until ready to use.
    Aged shad cuts: Take the fresh shad guts and place them in a sealed Ziplock bag, and leave them in the sun for 3 to 6 hours, depending on the temperature, so that the guts become rancid but not rotten.
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    good info. thanks for sharing that. now if i can just find some gizzard shad out here.....................