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    I found this on another site. it was done on stripers but believe it would be about the same for all fish.
    There are two theories on cutting the line. First on is to cut the line cose to the hook. The second one is to cut the line several inches outside the fishes mouth. Both methods work. The second method is recommended when the hook is in the fishes throat. The reason to cut the line several inches outside the mouth is to let the line assist in keeping the shank of the hook against the throat wall as the fish is swallowing another bait. If the line is cut too close to the hook, the shank could protrude out and trap the bait in the fishes throat causing starvation.

    I believe in responsible catch-and-release and agree that if the probability of death is high then it is best to creel the fish for the table. However, concerning the issue of whether gut hooked fish will survive, I know personally that they will. In 1999, I assisted a student in his gradute study project for his Masters degree. In his project we caught and tagged 50 striped bass with telemetry tags and tracked them for up to 3-years. Of the 50-fish n his project that were initially tagged, 38 of them came from my boat and 37 of them were caught on cut bait and were gut hooked. Only 1-fish did not survive. So the probability of gut hooked fish handled properly during cooler weather is pretty good. However, as the water temperatures reach the 76 mark and higher, the odds go down, especially if you take the fish out of the water.
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    I would recommend using circle hooks. I have never gut hooked a cat yet in almost 3 years. Corner mouth hook ups have been 100% for me, therefore 100% of released fish are in great shape.

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    Same Here, No gut hook worries!
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    Biggest reason I don't use circles is I got tired of circles poking their eye out most of the time.
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    If you're getting the circle hooks into their eyes, you need to go to a smaller circle hook.

    I'm a big fan of the Gamakatsu octopus hook. I see a lot of BOC members using 7/0 or bigger hooks. Unless your bait is SO big that you need a hook that big to get the point exposed, I don't think you always need a hook that big. My biggest Blue (56#) was caught on a 4/0 octopus hook.

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    I use Kahle hooks and dont have a gut hook problem and only rarely an eyehook.However I can recommend an ARC Dehooker.This thing works as advertised and will release even a gut hooked, hook with ease.Takes a little practice and time to develope the feel for the guthooked ones out of sight but it works like a charm.They come in different sizes for different size fish.