Guntersville hit and miss

Discussion in 'LOCAL ALABAMA TALK' started by Poppa, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Poppa

    Poppa New Member

    Pinson, Al
    I went to guntersville dam friday afternoon in search of skipjack. I saw
    one man with a five gallon bucket full but thats about it. I fished spoons
    and jig combos in the same spot he was fishing and caught some white
    bass but no skips. The man with the five gallon bucket full said he caught
    his early in the day, I was fishing around 5 pm. At the dam on the walk
    they were wearing the big drum out. They were fishing big sassy shad
    jig head cobo off a three way swivel with a 4 or 5 oz. bank sinker. They
    were using mostly big spinning outfits fishing in the boils below the
    turbines. I watched maybe an hour (the tackle I brought was to light
    for this type fishing) and saw probably 10 big drum caught. No stripers
    were caught.
  2. paleocaver

    paleocaver New Member

    Gonna run up there Friday and see what's happening. Gotta figure out this part of the river....

    Can anyone tell me how G'ville Dam compairs to, say, Wilson Dam in so much as catching a good mess of cats. I was raised in Tuscumbia and could go to Wilson Dam anytime and catch a mess of blues with the here-and-there flathead. Usually we'd tie off right at the dam and fish the areas adjacent to the turbines. Where and how is it done at G'ville Dam? Or is it better downstream? I've caught a lot of 10 to 18 lb blues down from Hobb's Island to Redstone. Someone please educate me on this part of the TN river (G'ville Dam to Redstone).


  3. lwarren

    lwarren New Member

    I usually get there maybe two or three times a year and have had a lot of luck at the outlet of the lock around the tie off pylons. Also there is a bluff less than a quarter mile bleow the ramp on the opposite side that has produced some big cats. Fish the mouth of that little creek to just past the bluff and you will have a good place to start. Also if you go up into the creek several hundred yards there is some flat areas that always seem to have some nice sized shad in it. If you are accustomed to running around the turbines you can almost always catch some big shad in the little cove between the spillway and the turbine toward the center of the river. Just be real carfull of the cross current as you go in and come out. Good luck fishin, post pics...
  4. brother hilljack

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    Shelbyville, TN
    anybody catching any skips at the dam? I would like to make it up sometime and give it a shot
  5. goneflatheadin

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    cullman al
    I always catch skip early in the morning on a 1 oz white crapie jig or white beatle spin.
  6. wormybass3

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    pinson, alabama
    well i went to wilson dam friday morning. nothing going on unless you were in a boat. went to wheeler dam about 9:00. fellow had about 7 or 8 nice blues
    3-8 lbs. shad luck from the bank.over 40 boats . they were catching fish;smallmouth,stripe,and catfish. i will be glad to get my boat back running. i have caught alot of fish below wheeler and guntersville when i used to go a few years ago.