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Gunpowder Creek Area on the "O"

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I have a weekend camping outing with my church this weekend around the Gunpowder creek area and I have no idea where to take these kids...? I have only fished this area a couple of times and that was for bass, and I would like to put a few fish in the boat for the dads and their kids that really dont fish that often and I am not sure where to go. I think there is some bait back in the creeks so I should be fine for shad, but this time of year is a real doozy for cats especially when you dont know the water. I have a feeling I would be better off staying at home and doing honey-do lists instead of getting skunked .:smile-big:
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That is where I put in, at Trixie's Marina on Gunpowder. I don't have much experience on the river and still trying to figure it out. I have had some success catching crappie in the creek. Haven't caught much else yet. I have heard that people who are catfishing go to the river from gunpowder and take a right upriver. There is a power plant up on the right I have heard they pull fish from.

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