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    Ok, Ive been to a few gun shows and even bought a few guns from there. One thing has been bothering me though. Besides buying from a dealer are there any ways to protect yourself from buying a stolen firearm or one thats been used in a crime? Ive never had any problems but thats something that pops in my head from time to time. IM getting geared up and saving up for the NRA convention later this month.
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    i'm not sure about what all you could do, short of buying a gun from someone that you were present at the actual original purchase! my buddy got a loan on his colt .380 a while back to help on closing costs for his new house. when he went to get it back they said the police had it, as it was reported stolen in the late 80's. this pistol was purchased from a 'high end' gun store here in town. there is no way my buddy can get it back, and he is out the money paid for it. the only good thing about the situation is he has a receipt for the purchase so he can avoid prosecution like that.

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    I am no expert but I think most gun shows have an "official" transfer dealer that can run the serial numbers in NCIC. I think that is about the best you can do.
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    There isnt too much you can do about it other than buy from well known dealers at the shows. Over the last few years the gun shows around here have gotten pathetic, they are starting to look like craft fairs and junk dealers.
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    Brian I just don't do the gun shows anymore. Those guys that deal em will skin their grandmas in a trade. They aren't there to make money, but to get the kick of getting the better of you. (If you got the wherewithall to haul a trailer all over God's green acres, you aren't doing it for the money.)
    There are some shop owners like that too. So if you're not gonna save much, why take the risk.
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    I guess I've been lucky but I've never been skinned on a gun show purchase and I've bought quite a few. If you purchase outside the show or from one of the guys walking around you can get burned. So far I haven't. I always ask for a drivers license etc and write it all down but that of course could be bogus. If I bought a gun at a dealer and it ended up as a stolen gun, I be taking my paperwork back there. The ATF is watching all gun dealers and they'd love to bust a FFL holder selling stolen arms. For that matter they have agents working the crowds at all the big gun shows. I think most shows have dealers that will record a private transaction for a few bucks.

    I agree even the big shows are allowing too many Ginsu knives and bamboo steamer type crap to set up booths.
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    I live in Texas and go to gun shows about 6 times a year. I like them for several reasons. People show up to trade off a gun or buy a different one. Many times the price will be less than the dealers charge. I can find new and used firearms and all the things that go with them. Can you get the screws put to you? Yes, as you can with anything you buy. You have to know what a gun is worth to you before you get there. Set a max price and don't go over it without good reason. Research the value of your trade in and the price of the one you want to purchase if that is the case. Just understand that the gun you bought 10 years ago may still look new, but it is used and if the dealer buys it, he cannot give you new price and expect to make a profit. The blue book of gun values is a good reference to go by. Is grandpaw's old rifle worth a lot of money? Study and research the gun and find out before you take it to a gun show. An example might be a pump 22 cal. rifle that your dad owned. Lets say it grades out to around 85 % overall condition and the book price is $400.00 at 85%.A dealer will offer you about 80% of that value as he has to make a profit to stay in bussiness. If you want the full $400.00, sell it to an individual that needs it to fill out his collection. Sometimes people come to gun shows to get rid of guns that have major problems. Most of them will swear the gun is in perfect condition to get rid of it. I have bought some like this and did not find out till I took it home to test fire it. If the price is really low, there is probably a reason. Catfishjon
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    "Always ask for and give a witnessed bill of sale with ID all around"."Immediately have your local police department run the serial numbers"."Record when you have this done and by whom,as you will not remember 20 years later if a screw up was made with the numbers"."Rare but happens when a wrong digit is punched in"."IF it comes back stolen,you know immediately,have a better chance of recovering your money and will not be charged with possion of stolen property".I got this advice from law enforcement years ago.It makes sense and "covers your rear end just in case"!

    Also from law enforcement."If it is too good a deal,the odds are in favor of something WRONG somewhere"!

    Another good question to ask a seller is "do you mind if I get a Cop to witness the bill of sale"?

    I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    in arkansas you can buy a gun from an individual and take your gun and the bill of sale to any gun dealer and for a small fee get it registered. like pee wee said. make sure you get a bill of sale and the sellers id .i like going to gun shows but i only purchase from ffl dealers. these guys that set around with private collector signs on there tables offer up some good deals but basically they are gun dealers that are skirting around the atf and are not willing to go thru the process and shell out the cash for there ffl.don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with private treaty tradeing and selling in my opinion, it's just that the trouble that comes from stolen firearms out weights any bargain you think your getting.
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    I agree with Rex on this one. Saving a few bucks is not worth the agrevation of finding out the firearm is stolen or that you have bought a lemon. Just my .02 worth.