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    Subject: Washington D.C.

    When you consider that there has been an average of 160,000 troops in
    the Iraq theater of operations during the last 22 months, and a total
    of 2,112 deaths, that gives a firearm death rate of 60 per 100,000

    The firearm death rate in Washington D.C. is 80.6 per 100,000 for the
    same period.

    That means that you are about 25% more likely to be shot and killed
    in the U.S. Capitol, which has some of the strictest gun control laws in
    the nation, than you are in Iraq.

    Conclusion: The U.S. should pull out of Washington immediately.
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    By far one of the best ideas I've heard all year!

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    Haha, I was hoping to use a line I heard "gun control just makes the honest man weak and a criminal stronger" but instead I am just gonna laugh.
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    Gun control to me means hitting what you aim at.
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    Dear Brother Howard;
    Tony, you have no idea just How RIGHT You Are!!
    When one looks at the HONEST facts it has been consistently found that an armed citizenship has a considerably lower rate per population of violent crimes. In many cases, the mere presence of a firearm has prevented a serious crime from happening.
    In today's illicit drug culture world the average person has no recourse of protection against the violent and physical crimes committed upon their person by those that use illegal and DANGEROUS drugs, whose minds so altered that their reasoning ability is less than the lowest animal, and their physical strength greater than an NFL linebacker, and violent mentality far exceeds that of the late Al Capone!
    Many people are under the mistaken belief that the "Police" will protect them! They could NOT be More WRONG! The "Police" are there to "Serve the Community" and NOT the individual! It takes less than 60 seconds, 1 minute!!, to break into someones home and kill everyone within! How fast can you call the police and have them arrive at your home? If I were a gambling person I would bet it's a lot longer than 60 seconds at any time of day! :sad2:
    I could go on, and on, and on, ect, with the same kinds of facts that I just quoted but the picture is clear to those of us that have a modicum of common sense left!
    We should FEAR those officials at ALL Levels of Our Government; Local, State, Federal, ANY Level, that Fear OUR Guns!
    The next time one of these officials or any prominent citizen that can and does have around the clock bodyguards, calls for tighter restrictions or even banning of personal firearms, ask them this: "Will YOU guard my home and family 24 hrs a day?" Don't be surprised when they tell you "That's NOT my problem", if they bother to acknowledge the question at all!
    There is a very, VERY, LARGE problem in this country!! It was started by "We The People" and the answer is that "We The People" need to get off of our collective butts and take the steps necessary to remind all of the self serving politicians and civil servants that they work for, and answer to, "We The People"! There is only one way that "We The People" can do this! For those that have no idea what I am talking about it's called accountability! We must make sure that our elected officials understand that it was "We The People" that put them in office, and it's "We The People" that can remove them too! It's done by VOTING, by writing, emailing, phoning, your elected officials and demanding [this is your right too] their accountability for their actions to be reviewed by the constituency which is again, "We The People"! This is the only way that the problems of our society are going to be addressed and resolved!
    It's the system that our great country was founded upon, and the system works, IF "We The People" will simply take the small amount of time to CARE About what goes on outside our air conditioned homes and color TV's with the "Dallas Crybabies" on while drinking our "Bud Lite"! But, one more time, WE THE PEOPLE MUST DO OUR PART! "Nuff said on that part"
    As for the law abiding citizens and their guns?
    The law abiding citizens have No Need of the over 20,000 Restrictive Firearms Laws that are already on the books! "Gun Laws" are for the criminal!
    What many people don't realize is that Criminals are NOT going to register any guns they have because it's "illegal" to posses a firearm that is not registered! H*LL!, that is why they are criminals in the first place!! Duuuh!
    Yes, I register my firearms, and in reality, all I am really doing is telling government officials at ALL Levels where the legal guns are at! :angry:
    The only chance our elderly, infirm, in fact, normal citizens have to protect themselves from violent crime is the firearm.
    "GOD" did NOT make all men equal! But S&W, Colt, and a few others made it possible for that small 5'1" 60 year old woman to be just as "Bad" as that 6'6", 17 year old, male drug addict!
    As for me and my wife? We demand the right to shoot back or to use lethal force to protect ourselves from those that would take away our hard earned possessions as well as that possession which we prize the most that No human being has to right to take from us; Our Lives!!! Those that would try should know and remember that they are risking their own lives in the attempt!!! :angry: BTDT!
    Brother Howard, you have made a great point! I hope that your post will encourage others of our membership to view the true facts for themselves!
    That is All I have to say!
    Fraternally and Sincerely,
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    Jim I was thinking more of using 2 hands :lol:
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    Tony & Coyote,
    Excellent post!

    Would anyone like to fight the liberal gun banners? If so, join the NRA (if you're not already a member)... NRA is the only organization that is fighting for OUR gun rights.
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    I agree with olefin. If you are in the least bit concerned with all of these gun control wackos, join the NRA. I'm a card carrying life member myself.
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    Thats pretty good!:lol:
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    Guns?What guns?
    I lost all mine when the canoe tipped over.:wink: :wink:

    To be honest,with all my guns,there is no way I could get to one in under 5 minutes if I needed to.Too many kids around my house to take a chance.

    Wish I could find the link,but just yesterday read a report.

    Man had his guns locked in a homemade wooden display case.Deranged relative removed the screws from the hinges,stole a gun,and caused havoc.

    Gun owner charged with not properly secureing firearms.

    Darned if you do,Darned if you don't!!
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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Am a member of the NRA and ithink that Washington should close its doors like most of the Factories do!!
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    I don't disagree with the point of this post, but there is something seriously wrong with the math in that first paragraph :confused2:
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    What needs to happen is the laws that are on the books need to be enforced. Case and point look at how many felons were stopped for buying guns legally and how many of them were arrested. Each one that tried to buy a gun broke at lease 3 federal laws which carry a 15 year sentence for a avg total of 45 years. So why are they not in jail now I mean my god the Brady bill is only about 13 years old come on.
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    Jon I rased 3 kids and now have 11 grandkids and I have loaded guns all over my house.I grew up with loaded guns and never had any problems cause my daddy trained me to shoot and to leave the guns alone unless he handed one to me just like I taught my kids and am teaching my grandkids.If a badguy breaks in on me he better be fast,real fast or he's gona be dead!!
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    I gave my hunting weapons to my son wanted to pass them down while iwas still alive wanted to make sure he got them thinking about a 380 for protection washington not the only place thats breaking records :sad_2a:
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    Yea, the math may be mess up but the message isn't. I think the whole country should do what Kenasaw(sp), Georgia did several years ago and make it manditory for all households to own and maintain a firearm, with the exception of felons of course. I heard the crime rate dropped by 300% in the first three years. I left DC in 1971 and I ain't going back. I agree with everything that has been said here but I will add one thought. If all law abiding citizens were allowed to carry a gun, we wouldn't have as many multiple shotings like we had in Vermont yesterday, and like we've had all over the country. We wouldn't have as many robberies if the criminals knew that not only the clerk, but all the customers were armed.
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    It's not the guns that need controling! People kill people not guns.I have enjoyed all postes on this thread.I'll try to rep each of ya,if it will allow me.If not I still say excellent posts!----------pk powell:smile2:
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    Jon, I was raised with all kinds of guns in the house. I was taught to shoot and respect a gun at a very young age. I also raised two kids with guns in the house.

    Part of what NRA does is try to get laws passed that will protect the gun owner from the stupid law suits.
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    Brother Faulkner and Sister Powell raise two excellent points that I had left out of my post!
    1. I myself was raised around loaded firearms and I NEVER had the ideal to "play" with them nor did I ever have the idea to ever use them against any of my schoolmates!!
    For me, guns were tools used to put meat on the table and I learned very early on to make that first shot count on that Rabbit or Squirrel which is what I started hunting first. The Deer and other game came along later! Some of the most important lessons in life, I learned out in the hunting fields/woods with my Late Father! Those lessons are still with me today and they become more valuable as each day passes too!
    I raised a child the very same way! She NEVER considered taking a gun to school to shoot other schoolmates or other people!
    But was TAUGHT, By ME; A Responsible PARENT, to RESPECT firearms and how to use, clean, store, them Responsibility! THAT alone is WHY we have Parents!, to TEACH us the differences between Right and Wrong!! Oh, by the way, I was also a "One Parent" household too so the "idea" that one parent households can't raise a child properly goes out the window too! I've always said that was nothing but a lame excuse for Not Taking Responsibility as an adult!!:angry:
    For her 12th Birthday,My Daughter and I went Prairie Dog shooting and I have it on tape, where she shot herself into the 500 yard VHA World Record Books in a "gentle Texas breeze" [gale force winds for anyone else!:roll_eyes: :lol: ] as the FIRST Junior Life Member and using a .223 Rem at that!!
    She did her own loading, wind drift/drop calculations, checked barrel heat build up, did her own cleaning every 20 rounds, ect. Nobody could have been more Proud of her than Me!!! NOBODY!!! And it's ALL on Tape!! We also were the first "Parent/Child-Dad/Daughter" team to enter the 500 yard books too!:big_smile:
    She was taught how, why, when, where, about every type of firearm used in today's world. She knows how to reload for power, or accuracy, while keeping everything SAFE while doing so!
    Even as a small child, she knew Where the loaded guns were kept and was made to understand that if her friends were over that those guns were never touched or show to the others. She knew that ANYTIME she wanted to see one of the guns in the house that all she had to do was ASK! She did that a grand total of one time! :smile2: And that was to see how easy the Desert Eagle was to field strip.
    By 12 years of age she could, and did, shoot my .338 Win Mag with NO Negative Effects as well as aimed rapid fire with the AR-15 too! I could go on but I think my point comes across well enough at this time.
    The problem with parents today is they are more worried about their child doing well in some soccer game than they are about just properly raising a child with the knowledge and morals to know the difference between Right and Wrong and letting the child Be A Child while they are still young enough to do so!!! :angry:
    I firmly believe that children today are NOT given the time to be "Just Kids" but are thrust into the worlds of adult competition, one oneupmanship, and GREED!
    I'm not against organized sports! Far from it!! But I AM Against Not letting a child "Be A Child" while they are still young enough to enjoy it! We ALL, are only children once in our lives {despite the 2ed Childhood syndrome} yet I see so many children forced to take part in things that they really don't want to do just because the "parent" thinks they need to do this or that! Our children don't exist to fulfill our own ideas of what a child should do while they are young! But, this is getting on to another topic so I will stop this one here.
    The point is, "Kids" and guns can mix properly and CAN Exist SAFELY, if only the parents will take the RESPONSIBILITY to see that they are properly taught! And not just about guns either!! THAT is what being a Parent is about!!
    Sister Powell also brings out a very important part that "Guns don't kill people, People KILL People"!
    I have hammers, shovels, screwdrivers, very sharp hand operated wood carving tools, steak knives, ect, ect, ad Nauseam, that I can use to kill another human being! I also have an automobile that weight several thousands of pounds that will kill another human being too should I decide to "run someone over"!
    The point Sister Powell puts so well is that it's NOT the guns that are dangerous [yes they are too when mishandled just like many other things mentioned above] but that, in fact, it's the Human Mind that IS Dangerous!! I was always taught that the Human Mind is the most lethal weapon on the planet! Over the years, I have found this to be too true! :sad2: I'm going to step away from the direct topic for a moment because what I am going to say next is however a direct bearing on what Sister Powell said about guns not being the problem.
    What a wonderful world this could be if we would simply learn how to get along with each others, rejoice in our differences and rejoice how we could use those differences, combine them for a greater good, to make the world a better place for all rather than to laugh, and ridicule, at the differences then find new ways to break others down!
    Wouldn't it be great, if we could take the awesome power of the human mind, and use it to help our fellow human beings, rather than develop weapons of Mass Destruction that leave our earth barren and unable to even grow the most basic of foods!
    Bio-Terror weapons that kill millions in new and horrible, painful, ways! Chemicals that when released into our atmosphere would help the ozone layer, plant life, and make the air better for all to breath instead of making it poison that slowly destroys our bodies with each breath! ...
    It's NOT the guns that are killing us so efficiently, it's our own da*n arrogance and GREED that is killing us!
    In the year 2000 I got out my calligraphy pens and created a paper plaque. On it were these words which I truly believe in and I hope you find truth in them too. If you do, please feel free to use these words and spread them to our other Brothers and Sisters both in the BOC and out.
    "Only When We Realize; That We Have More In Common, Than That Which Separates Us, ... Only Then, ... WILL WE HAVE PEACE!"
    I hope all of you that read this post, are able to find something positive in my words. No matter if it's truth, help, answer to a question, or just something positive in some way.
    If so, then please, spread and share these words with your fellow human beings so that they too, may find encouragement, knowledge, hope, ... something that will help them in their journey through this life.
    If so, then I have done my "good deed" for the day and am GLAD to have helped. No matter how small that help may be!
    To Brother Faulkner and Sister Powell I say "Thank You, for the ideas and wisdom of your posts to this thread! Your words gave me something to expand on in hopes of further helping our Brothers and Sisters and I commend you for it!
    Thank You All, for your time.:smile2:
    "May You ALL Walk In Peace and Beauty Upon The Blessed Trail"
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