gulls stop I-77 and cause traffic jam.

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    i got caught in a traffic jam on north bound I-77 @ Davidson friday morning arround 8:00A.M.traffic stopped completely.what i thought was a wreck was actually hundreds of gulls feeeding on what i think was a shad die off .people were out of their cars taking pictures and videos.i see this every year on the Davidson side of the lake,but usually not untill February.i am just assuming there was a die off with the cold water and part of the lake was starting to freeze over. what do you think.this is the only place i see this activity every year.
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    that would have been great to see and have gotten some of that shad for some catfishing

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    It's crazy that anyone would stop on a freeway and hold up traffic to photograph this.
    Hopefully , someone got some of the shad and used them for bait. Is that bridge high enough for any boat other than a bass boat to go under?