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    I was thinking about trying to do a guide srevice. My question is do you thank if a man new a lot of good spots and could catch bait and guarntee a fish do you thank that it would go over.

    How much would you all pay for a guide for catfish. I live in oklahoma and fish fort gibson lake.

    Thank you
  2. Flamekeeper

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    Louisville, Ken
    What type catfish?
    Can you garantee to put a fellow on somes schools of Channels on each trip and catch fish -

    " " to put a fellow on a school of good blues each trip out and catch fish-

    " " To put a fellow on a few good flatheads each day and catch fish-

    -without running out of (spots to fish) during the day?

    If you said yes to all of the above, I'd say give it a shot.:wink:

  3. JHalden

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    I don't know what the laws are like in your state but in california you gotta get some license or get on some registered list or somethin like that to become a guide. It's weird.
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    i agree with flamekeeper, but will also add that you should have your setup down pat running smooth. always antisapate a problem and have a back up plan. there is nothing more embarrassing than bombing because of an overlooked issue. as for rates, start out with what you fits your level of knowledge and what your willing to gamble. ive taken charters for reds before and ofcourse each skiff had a guide and two patrons. it was 250.per person all day and they garantee fish with absolute confidance. now that was for a salt water charter, freshwater guys that run crappie, stripers,and bass well they can get pricey to but the good ones that garantee a catch well you get what you pay for when they are confidant enough to put up or shut up. also consider your costs .good luck with your service.