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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by chris45601, Nov 30, 2006.

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    Well it's about the 4th day of shotgun season, and I'm not your average shotgun hunter, I stand hunt, not drive hunt, The place I hunt is known for big bucks anda plus it's watched heavily for tresspassers. they walk the a powerline i been settting up mock scraps, using deer urine and grunt but i think im grunting wrong, Any Suggestions?
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    well, i dont grunt to much unless i kno a buck has been in the area very very recently or a see a buck. but dont do it to much. i use a mature buck grunt on my Power buck and Doe grunt tube by primos and i do a 1 1/2-2 second grunt, then 2 to 3 shorter grunts. if you see a buck chasing a doe hell make grunts. go by what you hear deer make while your in the woods. remember, youll learn more while in the woods than youll learn from any book, video, website, anything.

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    Check out Beleiver's thread on grunting/rattling.
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    Grunting is like alot of things. Theres times when deer respond very well to it and not so well to others. I have done Both blind grunting ( call 3-6 times then wait 20-30 min) and I have done sight grunting ( see a buck and want a better look at him) One thing is for SURE I will grunt with my mouth, if I forget one of my grunt calls. There is a window of opurtunity there that I will NOT deer hunt and not call! I know that it WORKS! Deer are like people, in that not every persons voice sounds the same or talk with the same accent(you know what I mean) Dont give up calling and it WILL pay off!:big_smile: