griswald christmas light problems??

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    i brought the big ole christmas tree/ornament/light box in from the garage two evenings ago and we sorted through the strings of lights, cicles to hang on the outside across the guttering in the front of the house
    and the inside tree lights then last but not least the window lights and the
    outside deer and trees .
    well as usual half the lights worked and i thought i would get on the internet and look up christmas light problems to see if there was a simple way to approach the task of getting to the bottom of the light failure problems. one article i read showed a little tester that has a visual and audible alarm on it much like an electrical tester i use to check household current to see if there is power present to an appliance or outlet.
    i went to the store and was just about to grab one of the ones i seen on the website when i found the LIGHT KEEPER PRO
    if you want to quickly fix and repair your light strands saveing alot of bulb pulling and guess work shell out the 15.00 and you'll look like a pro as you get your problems fixed lickidy-split .
    i was skeptical until i tried the first strand of cicles on the house and it was fixed within 2 minutes time !!!!!
    they even have a video you watch on the web when you type the name in.
    it has a little compartment to store spare fuses bulbs etc. that makes it handy too. batteries are included.
    you can put in in the ornament box and it will be there for next year
    it has a built in bulb tester fuse tester and it manipulates the built in shunts in your light strings that allow the rest of the string to illuminate when one bulb burns out.
    i shoud collect royalties for this little plug LOL
    seriously i was so amazed at how well it worked i wanted to share it with you too.
    hope it makes your christmas decorateing easier. it did ours.
    no more griswald misadventures with lights again:lol: