Grim reaper broadheads

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by C Hill, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. C Hill

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    Catoosa, Oklahoma
    anyone use them?

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    Arizona, Scott

  3. psychomekanik

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    I shoot a very similiar broadhead. They're Tekken's from big R. They're cut to tip, and the blades slide like the rage. every one i've shot this year blew right through and ended up 5 inches in the ground. unlike the other type i tried this year. I've lost three of them and only found one. (all from not passing through) I fould it when i was butchering a doe. With my thumb and first finger !!!
  4. bnorth

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    The Grim Reapers aren't bad broadheads. My only reservation about them and others with similar design is that they are an over-the-top expandable broad head. An over-the-top head expands just as it sounds. The blade is fixed at the bottom and opens with the same motion as peeling a banana (odd comparison I know). The problem this causes is you have a much greater chance of arrow deflection when shooting at an angle ( & the larger the angle the greater chance of deflection) because the end of the blade contacts its intended surface before the pointed tip of the broadhead can penetrate; throwing the arrow off course. Its a somewhat difficult answer to explain and is much easier to see if someone demonstrates it to you.

    A rear deploying broadhead (ex. Rage 2 & 3 Blade, G5 Tekken II, etc.) Deploys its blades by sliding them out from the back of the ferrule ensuring that the tip of the broadhead penetrates before the blades do--effectively eliminating deflection.

    Other arguements for rear deploying broadheads are:

    Larger entry hole- rear deploying blades are fully open upon penetration
    Better penetration- due to less loss of kinetic energy from deployment (effect of smoother deployment)
    Complete deployment- you can find lots of horror stories on the web about over-the-top expandables no fully opening making it more likely to lose a deer from not causing a large enough wound channel for blood loss

    I think most people would probably tell you to experiment with different broadheads till you find one you like. I won't tell you that, especially when good broadheads are over 30 bucks a pop. I will tell you though-- do your homework, ask questions especially of those people who use the particular blades you are looking at.

    I use G5 Tekken II broadheads. I love them. I get excellent accuracy from them and great penetration.
    I know GETHOOKED uses the Rage 2-Blades. He loves them. In fact after hearing about him having a pass thru on a BISON with them, I might switch over.

    Good Luck.
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    evansville indiana
    do not use them i would not use them if u gave them to me they do not cut what thay say thay do. thay push back into the deer because of that u do not get the cut thay say. i use the rocket hammerhead and works all the time and a full 2.5 cut.
  6. ratkinson

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    I use shockwaves. Affordable and dependable.
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    rightnow i got the cheapies from wallmart lol...i think they are the Allen brand
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    I tried them and didn't like them much. I couldn't get the accuracy I was looking for.
  9. bojuana

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    north carolina
    I have used the reapers now for the last 3 years and like them a lot.That's after 11 deer and five hogs the biggest one over 250lbs and pass throughs on ever one but one. I'm not saying the reapers are the best bh but from my bow at 294fps I can't complane. I did lose one hog that I would say he was over 300lbs and I hit him in the grissel sheld and still got one lung for sure. If you have ever hunted south Texas brush it can and does happen from time to time.To date the only one deer or hog I've lost with the reapers.