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  1. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Anybody have a Wilmington grill?
    I've had a Holland grill for many years and way back then it was 420 dollar grill. It was a borderline insanity grill price.
    The Holland has one burner that burns at one setting. Wide open.
    The grill cooks at 400 degrees and you cook by time. Guaranteed no flare up.
    Well I'm retiring this baby today. I'm going to be ordering some parts for it and do a complete rebuild on it and use it at the shop and the pontoon boat.

    Today I'm getting a Wilmington grill. It's a copycat of the Holland but all heavy guage stainless down to the burners.
    This grill has two adjustable burners so you wont be cooking on time like the Holland necessarily.

    I was about 2 minutes from committing on a top of the line Jenn Air grill the other day and left my checkbook at home. Glad I did because about any grill you buy is a pain to keep clean enough where you dont have flare up issues. On the Wilmington and Holland grills there really isn't anything to clean other then a drip pan once in a while and the cooking surface.
    Even though the Wilmington is substantially more expensive then the Jenn Air I have to get it. If you ever cook on one of these no flare grills with a drain as you go drip pan it's hard to get away from the concept. Cooking chicken is a dream. Put it on leave it. You dont have to watch it.

    Just wondering if there are any Wilmington users and if they have developed any special recipes for the grill.
  2. willcat

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    I need to find something else for my toon also as i like to cook almost everytime we go out, let me know how it works for u!!!

  3. metalman

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    Mark, you rich people have everything:wink:
    I had a Holland and literally wore it out. They are great grills.
    Never felt I could justify the $$ of stepping up to a stainless Holland or a Wilmington but at my age now a new one of either would outlast me.
  4. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    The Wilmington tailgater would be a great pontoon grill. Not too small but not so large it's in the way. I cant handle the small marine grills. It might be ok for a for a few chicken parts but not for a few chickens.:crazy:
    Only bad part, she is $450 bucks. Ouch.

    Winston, you got a one shot deal on rebuilding your worn out Holland.
    It's my understanding you can buy directy from the manufacturer one time instead of going through a dealer at dealer prices.

    If your grill belly rusted out like so many have, Holland will give you one new belly for the cost of freight. 100 bucks.
    if you want to rebuild, take the entire grill apart to figure out what you need because you got one shot at it.
    It's my understanding you'll have to send them the metal placard on the front of your grill. Once they got it ,thats how how they can determine your one shot is over. It wont be returned.

    I looked at the stainless Hollands side by side with the Wilmingtons.
    What sold me on the Wilmington is the thickness of the stainless. It's alot more grill then the Holland stainless or any other stainless grill I looked at locally.

    My brother is a big fan of the Egg.
    He's got a nice egg setup with a pager system that alerts him to his target meat temperature.
    He can swat golf balls around the yard or mess around in the garden with a 120 dollar piece of meat in the egg.
    He has constant contact with the temperature of the meat.
  5. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    Rich? Naaa. Foolish? Maybe.
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    Walterboro S.C
    The Holland is a great grill. i don't own one but we sell them where i work. i have talked to alot of people who bought them and the only complaint was that it does not get hot enough to sear a steak. i love the concept and have built a hog cooker similar to it. they make a spinoff of it called the Bubba grill and it has the chip tray in the side.

  7. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I'm going to rebuild my Holland.
    It's not a stainless model and the painted models were bad about the belly rusting out.
    Holland allows you a one time purchase straight from them cutting the middle man out from what I understand.
    I was told to disassemble the entire grill and get everything I need at one time. They used to GIVE you ONE belly replacement. I should have done that deal when I could have whether I needed it or not.
    Once I rebuild it, I'll keep it down at the barn.
    I'll be stocking groceries down there too.:wink:

    The Holland is a great grill that is real easy to cook on.
    The Wilmington is a little harder to cook on because the operator has to control the temperature where the Holland had one setting. ON.

    My wife had bought one of those tubes you put whatever in and put a chicken on it.
    First thing she cooked in the Wilmington was a chicken on the tube.
    An hour later they opened the grill. The chicken had been totally cremated.:smile2:
    Uhhh Duh Huh, the thing has two burners and big ol temp guage on the front of it. Right by the knobs it say LOW and HIGH. You dont cook chicken at 600 degrees.:eek:oooh:

    They are used to the Holland where everything is time cooked.
    We cooked steaks to the minute.
    Chicken , all you had to do was set your timer and let her go.
    Once you cook on it enough you get those times in your head. The Holland is basicly an outdoor oven.

    Now my brother is a huge griller. He uses the Preemo grill, or its called "the egg" Its the thick ceramic grill that looks like an egg standing up.
    He is hooked up though.
    He can be anywhere in the yard and tell what the inside temp is on a prime rib. He wears a pager that goes off when his preprogrammed target temperature is reached.