Greggs Hill

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    Just wondering how the fishing is going at Greggs Hill on the Sciotto River just North of Piketon. When I was in the Army stationed at Ft. Knox I had a buddy that lived in Piketon and I would go home with him a couple times a month and we would fish and hunt around that area. Ohio became like a second home for me and for the three years that I went up there I always looked forward to the run a Greggs Hill. We would wade out on the water fall with a cupp full of worms and cast up river and start realing in the line and catch cats till your arms fell off. It was a little trickey to keep ballance but what a blast. So I was just wondering if anyone is fishing down there if they are running yet. One of these days I will have to get ahold of my buddy and go back up there. You guys got a great state for fishing and hunting enjoy.