Greers Ferry Lake ?

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    Anybody catfish Greers, I trotlined and crappie fished it with my dad a lot back when it was first filled up til 71 . Bass fished it alot from mid 80's til now, but I've just started getting serious about catfishing with rod & reel the last year or so, spend most of my catfish'n time on the Ark. River. I'm only 20 miles or so from Greers and have been wanting to catfish it some, I know there are so good ones there, but it ain't like fish'n the river where the spots are more obvious with the current, jettiesand dams. A big lake seems kinda overwhelming when you look for a place to start. Any advise about Greers or lake fish'n in general.
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    Conway Arkansas
    Hey Sam, I haven't fished there in 15 or 16 years, we use to go up there and chase whites and wipers when they were schooling. I remember one time we were fishing out of Devil's Fork ? I think (it was before they got that bridge fixed that the tornado messed up) anyway, we were drifting that cove on the north and east side of that bridge. We had several poles set out and they all got hammered at the same time and we only got in the first ones we picked up but we caught 2 catfish that were 5 pounds each. When we got them all reeled in the line on all of them was covered with slime. We drifted back and forth over that spot and never caught anything else. I don't remember if they were blues or channels but I remember it was fun. We caught a bunch of fish in that cove.