Greenwood Lake fishing with Poor Rat

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    Spoke to Chrisblue yesterday before we went out to fish Lake Greenwood. We put in at Lighthouse landing where the campers at and went across the lake to fish. The wind got up about the time the anchor hit bottom. We tried the first spot until the wind started moving us off the brushpile. We heard some thunder so I wastched to the skies a bit more. Right at dark we moved back across the lake to hide from the wind. Started sighting lightning off in the distances but still tried to catch some crappie. I forgot my crappie light and left it at home so that made me a little aggravated. I noticed I left my other box at the camper so I didn't have my headlamp. We couldn't see the rods or the bait plus the lightning was all around us. I told my daughter crap on this, lets pack up and go back to Gaffney. So we loaded the boat back on the trailer, stopped at the camper and got what we had left there and told my mom we're going home. We arrived home at 11:58pm ate little and went to bed and dreamed about going fishing.
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    Tuff break boss. Hope you get them next time.