Greenlick Resevoir?

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    Does anyone fish at Greenlick Resovior? I see on the fish commisssion wesite that they have stocked quite a few Channel Cats in there over the past years. I live about 6 miles from there and have only fished for walleyes and crappies there.
  2. bw69r

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    West Newton, PA
    Jay my uncle has fished there and has caught channels and alot of bullheads. might be a good place for getting bullheads for flathead bait.

  3. katkiller77

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    dayton ohio
    try the place could be a huge shovelhead in that laake rick
  4. jolie

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    If you're out to exterminate flats in lakes where they're not wanted. kahle (Clarion county) had some...

    but just as a general rule for our out of town visitors. flatheads are not native to the lakes of pennsylvania and have not been intentionally added to the major reservoirs of Western Pennyslvania.

    also blue catfish are pretty much non-existant, maybe only confined to a very occasional individual in the ohio (as it exits PA)

    Catfish remains a largely untargeted resource by most pennsylvania anglers and occasionally relatively unknowledgeable angler spread some pretty tall tails about kinds of catfish. Unknowledgeable anglers usually place way to much emphasis on color, which any seasoned catter knows is highly variable. this kind of confusion leads to some talk about 'blue' catfish (which is not native to pa at all) and at times novices get rather excited by the bigger specimens of our ordinary brown bullhead.

    That being said, there really was a flathead found in a commision survey of kahle lake, and so you never do quite know what you might catch if you try....
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    berks, PA
    i'm sure it will only be a matter of time before blue cats are in PA, after all the flatheads came from somewhere, and blues are found in other boardering states like ohio and MD so i'm sure in the next decade blues will be established somewhere in PA waters