green river lock 5 to green river lake

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  1. catfishsolich

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    kentucky,metcalfe county
    anyone fish the green river between the lake and lock 5? ive been checking it out and im gonna really hit it hard this year. i'll be fishing from the bank. so far the best spots ive tried seem to be by locks 5 and 6 and at the green river tailwater. i was also wondering how far up from the ohio there are bluecats?
    and if anyone knows where esker carroll caught the state record flathead (i know it was on the green but i cant find anything telling where on the river)?
    thanks, chris
  2. jbenni01

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    I fished one day above lock5 and caught only channels. Fished below Rochester (lock 3) and did catch some blues. I've heard of folks catching blues below lock#5, but I've never fished it. I've also heard there are blues up above lock 5, but I just didn't catch any. I'd say they are there, but the farther downriver you go the better chance you'd have to catch some bigger blues. I'm interested in what you find out. Keep in touch.

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    i have caught one blue cat below lock 5 about 2 miles down stream. so i know they are there but i do not believe the numbers are very high. most of the blues people say they catch are really misidentified channels. there is some very deep water between lock 5 and 6 and should hold some nice flats though. the problem with this stretch of the river is it is so overexploited with limblines,trotlines and commercial nets that it would probably be a task to catch any big cats.