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Discussion in 'LOCAL OKLAHOMA TALK' started by rigrunner(236), Mar 13, 2008.

  1. rigrunner(236)

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    Ft Cobb Lake, Oklahoma
    Has anyone ever fished for catfish under green lights? I've done a lot of night catfishing, but never used the green lights. Just wondering if they work for catfish. May try some this spring.
  2. uttatoo

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    greatbend kansas
    they are great for flaties at night and i put one on my net and keep some in my pocket if you want some go to mega cat crew .com they sell them there

  3. healthydrink

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    I bought a couple of these lights at Academy Sports store. I only got to go twice with them, They attracted all kinds of fish. Shad were swimming all over the place after about 1-2 hours. First time a bad storm came in and we had to scurry off the lake. The other time, just when it was getting good one of the fishing members got sick and wanted to go home. I do know it attracts alot of fish but we did not get to catch very many before we had to leave both times.
    A buddy of mine says he knows a guy that uses them to just to catch his shad . He goes out about 3 am and puts the lights in the water until he gets a good mess of shad schooling around his boat and when he is ready to throw his net he shuts the light off, throws the net and catches all he needs for the rest of the day. I am gonna try that for sure.

    another question would be, Do they work in a muddy lake like Oolagah during the day?