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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by nosnag, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. nosnag

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    Hi everyone.New member here.Connecticut transplant to Florida.
    Went to Wallyworld to get some bait and things yesterday and met a woman there shopping for her husband for bait and accys.Helped her out the best I could and she said that she did this all the time for him.Told her how to use a catfood can as a chumpot and she just had to get some for him right away,right after she picked up some chicken livers.
    Where did I go wrong? Do any of you have the same kind of woman? If so,I would love some pointers on how to get my wife to do this for me.Seems that even picking up a tub of dip bait is more than she can handle. ;)
    Aside from that I want to say that I'm happy that I found this group on the internet.Been looking for someone to go for cats with here on the Suwannee River,but seems that if it is'nt sunfish or bass,no one is interested.I guess that I'll have to train my son so I'll have a partener on the river.
    Tight lines and bowed rod wishes to all.
  2. capt.kirk

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    First welcome to the BOC,and welcome to florida.I am lucky to have one
    of those wives you are talking about,she is my best friend and fishing
    partner,she thinks of every thing lots of times knows what we need before
    i do.i would not trade her as a fishing partner for anyone i have fished with
    or against,and that includes my blood brothers who are pretty good also.
    i dont think you went wrong, the longer she is exposed to the sport of fishing
    the more she should like it.if it turns out that she does not really care for it
    find a new fishing partner and be glad she does not nag at you for going
    fishing,i have read on here that some guys have a hard time getting out to
    go fishing without listening to a bunch of nagging or silence,i for one would
    prefer silence instead of hot tounge and cold shoulder.

  3. Dreadnaught

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    I also have a wife that will shop for fishin' stuff for me, while I am at work. We usually go together but it does happen from time to time. She likes fishing as much as I do. The only time I get in trouble for fishing , is when she doesn't get to go,LOL!!!
  4. Gator

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    Ludowici GA
    Welcome to the brotherhood and I am sure you will find someone here that will fish with you there.

    My wife is not much of a hunter or fishing woman but she buy’s me gear all the time for both. As a matter of fact she just got me a new reel a Shimano TLD 15. As far as a great wife goes I believe I have one as she put up with the mess I make doing rods and such and never seems to say to much about it why she puts up with me sometimes is beyond me…. lol
  5. ShilohRed

    ShilohRed New Member

    West Tn
    Welcome aboard.
    Mine also picks up livers, And enjoys fishing as much as I do. And will out catch me.
    Only pointer I can give you, Find one that you love and also can be a best friend. And take her fishing a lot. All it takes is a few good trips of catching fish.
    And take the fish off her hook and bait it also. And make sure to do everything you can to get her hooked on fishing with you.
    Then after she is hooked then tell her its time to learn how to take the fish off and bait her own hook..LOL


    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Hey "nosnag" If ya had a name I would use it. LOL! Got me a keeper also. Don't want her to buy my gear but she will get bait for me. And she is a fishin fool. LOL!
  7. RiverratSC

    RiverratSC Active Member

    Gaffney, SC
    Welcome to board.

    My wife buys things for me all the time but I don't send her out for bait and what not. She has come home with things I had lusted over at Wallyworld though. :)
  8. bud1110

    bud1110 New Member

    East Texas
    I have one of those wives that it's a pleasure to go fishing with. She loves to fish, and quite frankly out fishes me most of the

    If we go to Walmart she usally asks me if we need any thing from the fishing department. She has her end of the boat, and I have mine. She will put any kind of bait on her hook except live bait. If it moves I have to put it on her hook...ha ha ha..

    I do have to take her fish off as she's not fixing to touch one of those either. I don't mind this though, we be fishing and that's good enough for me. She's like me ,we love to go camping out.

    She helps me put out, and run, my trot lines. How can I ask for anything more from my better half, and my best fishing partner??
    We have a good time weather we catch anything or not. We spend quality time together doing something we both love to do.

    It just don't get any better than that to me...
  9. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    Welcome aboard! I hope u enjoy ur stay!
  10. ohiocattracker

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    Cincinnati Ohio
    Welcome to the BOC nosnag im sure you will find some great info here.Yea my wife fishes with me and enjoys going but only during the day and when its warm lol thats fine with me.Brad
  11. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    Hello to all!!! I'm a new member as of last night. Been reading from the old site for a few days and Just had to Join ya.
    I can say, I've got a great wife. She works a Wallyworld in the fishin' dept. She even sold me my fishin' license. She loves to fish but wants to hang out with the Grand kids so she lets me go fishin' with my buddy whenever I can go. She was a 911 operater for 5years and tells me that the Sporting goods dept. is more stressful. Can't imagine that! Anyway, she shops for me after work, cause she is already there. How cool is it to have a wife that works in the fishin' dept ? VERY COOL ! She knows more about fishin' then I do , I think.......
  12. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    great wife, yeah I got one of those too. get this,she bought me a Benelli legacy 12ga right before hunting season last year, then killed the suv last year upland hunting and she says lets go get a new truck! So I've got a 04 F150 4 door W/ all the bells and whistles in the drive. I figured that was enough so I decided to marry her...then a week before the wedding over lunch she says lets go look at boats....2 days later we're pulling home a new lowe 2070 vtc. She even goes out fishin and hunting with me, but lets me have time with the guys as well. the married life here in KC is good. He who dies with the most toys ya all better get busy
  13. fish

    fish Active Member

    Welcome to the BOC buddy.

    Judy loves fishing more than I do and that is a lot, probably because she catches 5 to my 1 and she hangs the big ones and I hang the dinks. :glare:
    We are best buddies and we really love to be together. We both love camping and fishing. When we go to the sporting goods area of a store, I have to hold her back from buying me things. Judy is one in a million and I wouldn't trade her for a bucket full of skipjack. hehehe Really she is one super wife and friend. Oh and she baits her own hook and takes her own fish off also. :wub:
  14. fourteenfootcat

    fourteenfootcat New Member

    Big Spirit Lake, Iowa
    I don't have a wife yet.... but I do have a bulldog that enjoys going to the baitshop, sitting on the bank, watching my rod bend and then barks when I'm supposed to grab the rod when I'm half asleep or in a sugar coma over too much Coca-Cola....

    Ah yes, great companionship.

    My beard is pretty much a downer for most women. They won't go near me. I've got one like "katfshn50", but pitch black. I've been mistaken for a rabbi on many occasions, as well as a Greek Orthodox priest. Oh well, we all gotta be something. Me, I'm the bearded man in black.

    Maybe I need BIG GEORGE's charm.... :cool:
  15. nosnag

    nosnag New Member

    Great to meet you fellas. The woman I have here is a new one. Got married this June. Lost the last one to cancer.
    I have no complaints about my present one. Love her to death. She is tops in everything around the house and she never tries to stop me from going out and spending time on the river. If getting bait for me is her only shortfall I'll die a happy man. Not something most newely weds can say. Just tells me to put my fishing clothes directly into the washer instead of the clothes hamper.
    The name is Bill Raynor. Thought I would give a proper intro.
    I swear this site is so good that when I log on ,I smell a tub of whisker sticker coming from the monitor. Wish I had found it a lot sooner. Been to other sites and even clubs. Got turned off by all the talk being more about the members sex life than true info and comradmanship. I give everyone an A+ for keeping it real. I believe that you guys are great with all the info that is offered and help to give novises a better chance to really get a good start to enjoy the outdoors.
    Keep it real and reel in the keepers.
  16. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    my wife dosent fish much,but she goes and gets liver and even worms when she out and i need them.A few times i have ran out of bait and she would go to the store and get it and drive out to where im fishing and bring it to me.I wish she would fish with me more but shes great,she even went a bought me an ABU 7000 for my birthday.Definatly a keeper.
  17. Schoe

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    Moline ILL.
    Nosnag, apparently the lady you ran into went to "Wife School" If you would like to see a short video on the place P.M. me your E-mail address and I will send you the video clip. Schoe
  18. Redtick

    Redtick New Member

    Neoga, Illinois
    Fellows, my wife mentioned not more than an hour ago that we haven't been to the Catfish Connection in a good while and that we need to go over to their shop one afternoon this week. She knows I can't walk into their front door without spending close to $100. Now, how's that for having a good wife? :wub:
    I am lucky to have a good woman to hunt and fish with! :)
  19. jim

    jim New Member

    Jacksonville NC
    I can't help but comment here even though I don't have a wife anymore.Wives go by that old rule you may be familiar with."Let your husband go hunting and you wont have to go hunting for your husband"LOL.They figure its pretty safe for you to be out of their sight when you are out there in a boat smelling of fish guts and stinkbait,or freezing your whatsis off in a tree stand.Can't get into much trouble doing that.My wife and I had a method concerning gifts and equipment that worked pretty well.On the "Girl" occasions (Valentines,Mothers day,Birthday ,Anniversary etc) I would buy her Over and Under shotguns,Weatherby rifles,Sage graphite flyrods,Hardy reels and lots of other wonderful things that she absolutely adored.On the guy days I would get new pots and pans,lots of nice purses and shoes to go with my outfits,hair dryers ,washing machines & dryers,Victoria Secrets underwear,and Channel Num 5 parfume.I equally adored those gifts as they balanced things out and we had an agreement to let the other borrow these things as needed.Occasionally I would get confused and arrive at the local trout stream with a Sage 9ft flyrod and wearing Channel Num 5 which caused some raised eyebrows among my fishing friends but for the most part they understood.At least I never showed up to surf fish in Victoria Secret underwear.She loved to take me fishing in her boat and I would cook the catch in my new non stick Caphalon pots and pans.Unfortunately she took a real interest in my Browning Superposed Skeet gun and became a AA skeet shooter with it which forced me to go and get her another one as a backup in case hers broke while she was competing.She of course let me use the spare in the meantime.Nothing compares to the Christmas when she gave me a sterling silver tea set AND a mink stole.I cried for days.The only thing I could think of to pay her back was to give her a Ponsness & Warren fully automatic 12 gauge shotshell loader including a years supply of powder,shot and wads.Unfortunately she passed away 7 years ago and it just hasn't been the same.Its hard to find a woman that knows your color preference at Victorias Secret.
  20. olefin

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    Welcome to BOC!

    I think you find a lot of guys have that same kind of wife. I know I do, mine would even clean all my fish if I'd let her! I live on a lake and she likes for me to fish, just as long as I check in once a while on the cell phone. That is if she can't see me, sometimes she can spot me with the telescope. She kind of worries about me fishing alone so to make her feel better I got me one of those light weight auto inflate life vest.
    Back when I worked for a living we use to go camping every year for two full weeks up in the Colorado high country . We had a little pop up tent trailer.. she loved it.