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    Well all my BOC friends i had another great weekend visiting with johnnie (poisonpits) and his family and cass and her family . My mother came in from texas this week and we were invited to come up to visit johnnie and casses this weekend at the lake . we all ended up haveing a great time visiting and just enjoying the lake . Of coarse i was after my PB but winded up with some great hits and all misses , but that was fine. But i did get to enjoy watching my daughter get her pb at 7 lbs and mom land an 8 lb . both blues . That to me was so much better than catching my own trophy . I got the chance to catch fish anytime my heart desires but being able to see my daughters face light up when the rod tip bends and she lands her first catfish is just priceless , and being a 7 lb blue is just the more exciting . So i did get my all time PB this weekend , my Personel Best Time . This is a weekend that will allways be at the top of my list as one of my favorite times in my life . We had a great time together camping , introduced my daughter to catfishing and see her catch her first real good fish , i dont think that can be matched . And ive said it befor and ill say it again , if you ever get a chance to go to mena arkansas , look up poisonpits and his family and cass and her family because they will take you in like family and show you a great time . Thank you johnnie and cass .
    and one more thing all fish were CPR . Caught, Pictured , and Released .
    P.S . I did catch one about 1.5 lbs --------------Robert

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    Sounds like a very nice outing, congrats and good luck in the future

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    The best fishing is done with good friends . I fish alone a lot, but know that it sure isn't the same as with good company. Passing along the knowledge to others,especially kids, is the essence of a good fisherman. Hoarding knowledge is a lonely, selfish way to be about life. Glad you did your personal best with the kids! Get them the best bait, rig them up, and enjoy watching the barb hook them on fishing; Hopefully for life!:smile2::roll_eyes:
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    Wish I coulda joined ya'll this wkend Tall. Sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Woulda been fun watchin Ashley fight that fish:eek:oooh::big_smile:

    Hopefully I'll get caught up around here and we'll be able to get together and do some fishing soon.:big_smile::wink:

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    Robert - thanks for the pics!!! looks like the family really enjoyed themselves!! Plan on getting up that way myself soon!!
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    It sure is nice to have such nice people to call Brother or Sister, Thanks for being such great friends. I will fish with any of you all.