Great Spring....(roll eyes)

Discussion in 'KENTUCKY RIVERS TALK' started by bnt55, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. bnt55

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    Northern KY
    Has anyone else been skunked by the weather? The Big O is running up and dirty, pretty much every river around here is pretty much unfishable. It's not that we are getting a ton of rain...but what we are getting is coming at just the right intervals to keep things muddy'd. I just want to go fishing on the river.....:sad2:

    Dont get me wrong I am very glad winters over...I suppose I'll stop whining now:cry:
  2. catfishjohn

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    Greenup Co. KY

    Yep, been skunked every time I've been out so far. The Ohio looks rough & muddy right now. We've been out on the Big O twice this year and no fish. I figure we'll eventually get some stable weather and the fish will start cooperating. Until then, I'm going crazy!!!:eek:oooh::crazy::smile2:

  3. katfish ken

    katfish ken New Member

    These spring rain is driving me nuts also. I'm wanting to hit the river so bad I can taste the fog but have never been able to have much luck when the river is up and raging.
  4. kevins

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    Louisville, KY
    When the river was around 29 ft below the gates at McAlpine I was able to catch some 3# cats on shad guts in the trees below the parking lot just before the Nature center. I did not get any bites on cut skipjack.

    The water was real fast and the only semi slow spots was in those trees. I used at least 4oz of lead to keep the bait still about 25 feet off the bank.

    In the faster water I was using 6 ozs but it was still moving the line.

    I think I will try using some shrimp later this week. The water will be even higher but Im hoping I can still get into the trees.

    Anyone have any good spots or areas to try below the dam at the fossil beds?