Great Salt Plains Stocking

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    I talked with my ODWC biologist friend yesterday and he advised that the lake is being restocked with 140,000 fingerling channel cats soon. I expect a few cats might have survived but a recent net survey revealed NO cats or carp in the 600 feet of nets. It will be probably 5 years before you will see decent catchable channels in the lake again. Maybe Mother Nature will respond with an explosive spawn of shad to feed the hungry fingerlings this spring.

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    I have a uncle who fishes , or let me say fished, Salt Plains quite often, he talked with the game ranger recently, and the ranger told him all that is left in the lake was shad. Said if it didn't rain soon they would have to hold off on the stocking. That was a good catfish lake before the fish kill. We'll pray for a big rain in NW Okla.


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    We'll pray for a big rain for ALL of Oklahoma to bring the lake levels back to normal for the entire state.