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Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by RedXpress, Oct 17, 2007.

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    Can buy it as a combo for $60.00 or the reel alone for a little less, it's a Zebco Omega.

    I bought two of these, one for me for shooting jigs and one for my 10yr old. Man these things are tough, I've carolina rigged with it, have also reeled in some 10lb catfish and wouldn't be scared to catch bigger. If you want a great utility reel or a nice combo for the kids, don't pass on these, they are great! It's the first Zebco I've seen since the original 33's that are truly metal and well...tough.
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    Kyle your right about that reel, I bought one for my son very nice reel. Welcome to the B.O.C.:cool2:

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    I got a Zebco Omega Z03, a well built reel. However, believe it or not my Zebco Platinum 33 is slicker, lighter , and is also all metal, and half the price. Just my opinion.:wink:
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    Welcome to the BOC. Thanks for the great info on the reel. I might go get my kids one of these. Thanks, rspd507
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    Welcome to the BOC, Kyle. the Zebco 33's are some nice reels.
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    Welcome to the BOC ! Yes the Omegas are awsume reels,I have a couple my kids and nephews use. They are tough!
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    I've got to agree with alot of posters here. First Zebco has really improved their line of entry reels. I just bought two Zebco 33Ti combos from Wally World for my two daugthers to trout/bank fish with and to pratice casting with at home. I really like the new shape and gearing of these 33s. And at $32 for a combo, it really gives you serious bang for your buck. I went back and got a, Authentic 33 combo ($20) for a back up setup and for Jr.

    For those not quite knowing the differances between the model's "color" name, here is little breakdown:

    Authentic- basicly a basic model. The 33 includes BB drive, a selective anti reverse that also activates the auto bait alert when turned off, stainless steel cover, two ceramic pickup pins, and a dial adjustable drag.

    Gold-the next step up, and includes 3 ball bearing drive, and a continous anti reverse that you can never turn off.

    Platinum-deluxe that is. This model has everything the Authentic does with up grades to a 5 stainless steel bearing drive, all metal body, 3 cam drag that is dial adjustable, a soft tough rubber thumb button, and a continous anti reverse. The only switch/lever that is mdoel has on it is a cover botton.

    Ti Rhino-tough combo. This model might be a Wally World exclusive, but I've been wrong before. My youngest daughter pick this one out, and I think its my favorite off the shelf combo Zebo makes in the 33 series. This model has everything the Authentic has with upgrades to a 3 ball bearing drive, and all metal body. The drag is the same, its dial adjustable, and the anti reverse is selective and the bait alert comes on when it is turned off.

    I haven't bought a 33 in about fourteen years! The last one I had was an old model Rhino Tuff model that Wally World was giving away at $25. The rhino rod, by itself was selling for $28! So they paid you $3 to take the reel also. I went through three of them in two days before I got one that worked and kept! Its the one that I still have today. I had the same luck, in that time period, with just 33 reels, every third one or so was a keeper. Some might remember that this is the same time frame that Zebco brought out alot of new models in different "colors" and styles. So I'm glad Zebco has dropped alot of junk reels and kept and upgraded the good ones.

    The newer 33s have a better shap than the older ones did. It reminds me of the original Omegas Zebco brought out in the 80s. Those Omegas had the all steel bodies and multi ball bearing drives. Seems the took the best of both models and put them into the 33 series.

    Ok, back to the orignal posting....I had a chance to cast the Omega Z02 and I really liked it. I think its worth the extra money. The 33Ti Rhino combo costed $35. Teh 733Ti Rhino Hawg combo costed $45. So I think the upgrades is well worth the extra $15. The extra/exchangeable spool is a great idea. Now you can switch from using mono for panfish/trout to wonderline for cats and bass in the thick. So you can have two setups in one. I doubt you can find an extra outfit for $15. And its really a top of the line spincaster.

    Sorry to be long winded as a newbie!

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    I appreciate all the info fellas...X-Mass is around the corner and I have two little girls complaing they do not have "THERE OWN ROD/REEL" so I think dad is gonna have to get them there own
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    i have to agree about the Zebco 303. i got a set up for my boy (who is six) and he has hauled in 10 lbs flatties on it. the combo was only 20 bucks and he is pretty hard on his gear. he is at that age where he doesnt rally understand how to carry it. when he get a little older i will move him up to spinning and then to baitcasting, but for now i cant really see spending 60 bucks for a rod that he is going to beat the heck out of.