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  1. j simpson

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    I want to thank Bob wheeler and pat for allowing me to fish with them thursday and sat. They are 2 great people, I learned alot from them and want to thank them for all their good info.I'm sure they would have did real good in the tournament but they had a bad luck charm with them me lol.Also congrats to catfishrus on another fine showing and he is also always very helpful. Jeff
  2. jerry9497

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    Tobaccoville NC
    I'd like to thank Bob and Pat also, the weather halted our fishing trip but we still got together saturday for a little instruction. I dont think you were the "bad luck charm Jeff" mother nature dont like us. But with help from fine people like Bob and Pat we will be better next time:wink:. I would like to take a min to tell everyone thank you. I have learned alot from this web site but have gotton real life instructions and fishing time with alot of you guys and have learned alot and enjoyed it greatly. Catfishermen here are second to none!! I would like to add if any of you want to fish Badin your welcome aboard my boat!

  3. Rookie12

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    Kannapolis, NC
    I like Bob. I haven't met him but a few times, but he's one stand up fellow. I would have liked to seen him win it Sat., but that weather sucked!!!!
  4. Bobwheelr

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    Thanks guys for the kind words, I;m just a old catter that loves to catfish and meet new friends. and i can honestly say i have never met or fished with any better guys than the yadkin catters, your all #1 in my book.