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    I see a lot of questions of all types on Penn reels.Scott's Bait and Tackle has a large site with pictures,schematics and written information on Penn reel models,owners manuals,maintenance,repair,parts and assembly instructions.If you have any Penn reel question,try this site.Odds are that they have the answer on this site.Great site to keep on your favorites for future use if needed. I love you Brothers and Sisters.peewee
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    I sure have to agree with peewee on Scott's Bait and Tackle.

    They have a very good web site full of information about Penn Reels. I have dealt with these folks more than once. A couple of times I needed parts for old reels that just didn't seem to exist anymore. Those folks are good enough with Penn Reels that they were able to send me parts to another reel with instructions on how to install them and we solved the problem.

    Yes Sir PeeWee, couldn't agree more