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went out fri night launched at 6pm after catching about 24 gills for bait and had some bought skippys for cut bait . got to our first hole and was there about 15 to 20 mins and i got to land the first about 10lb flatty on cut bait and my friend jay caught his first 8lb flatty on small gill. we moved to our 2nd spot and were sitting there maybe 30 mins and wham pole bends over double and i grab it and the fight is on big boy 34lb flatty got him with a gill landed him and weight with my scales and then went to more fishing then boom hit another 8 to 10 lber and got him on a gill. then caught about a 15lb soft shell turtle . then just as we relesed the turtle i heard my pole band hard and by the time i got turned around all i could see was it go into the water!!! the same pole i found in the river a month ago claimed it back. i tried casting another pole for it but no luck . had time to regroup then boom another giant hit . started fighting it and he,d run then i could catch up to him a lil bit then run again and he ended up going into some brush and i couldnt get him out and ended up losing him somehow?? but over all a great night of fishing and all the fish we caught were released back and all caught within 100ft of another. it,s a great spot we found. water was about 2 ft higher than last time we went there and was 68degrees slightly muddy and hittin hard on the gills we ended up running out of bait and called it a day . all i can say is thank you lord for giving me these types of days. i,ll try to get the pics out of my phone so i can post them i cant seem to get it to link up with my computer just yet.
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