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    i am going to carillon park in dayton this summer and i plan to fish the great miami it will be my first time fishing in any river can anyone give me some tips to help me out i have been there before but i didnt fish. the carp and channles looked really active i saw them alot at the bank

    can anyone help me, i have only fished lakes
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    Look for a change from deeper holes to shallower, and fish a variety of the depths until you come up with fish. The water is up just a bit right now, which is good.

    Channels on nitecrawlers, livers, minnows, cut shad, Danny King Punchbait. Threeway rig, using a lighter sinker drop; or sliprig. Depending on current, you'll need from 1-oz to 5-oz sinker either rig. It's getting just warm enough that you might take a flathead on some of those baits.

    Carps on corn, or doughballs (my best is wheaties in a ball about the size of the end of your finger, smeared with peanut butter). Same rigs as above, except use about a #6 to #1 hook.

    Hang on to the poles, or stack some rocks on them, or take some rodholders, 'cause they go in the drink real quick.

    Let us know how you do.

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    i have some fond memories of that stretch of river, my great-grandfather used to fish there for carp all the time and would take me with him when i was just a kid. that stretch between those dams is one SORRY stretch of river....except for carp and channels. there are some really big carp in there but other fish struggle to make a decent size because of how that stretch is channelized. look for ANY type of structure, even a twig sticking out of the water, or around the bridge pillars. the carrilon side is best because the channel runs on that side, dont waste your time on the UD side. gramps always fished halfway between the bells and i-75, and the outlet right in front of the marriot hotel.
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    I remember about 10 years ago, they lowered the pool there and placed a few wingdams in the stretch from 75 up to the Bells on both sides to help maintain channel flows, if you can find them , youll be all set, they are down a few feet now but there are 3-4 spaced a few hundred feet apart on the Carrilon side. Iagree with Dink, excellent carp water and a few bass scattered and Im sure there are some decent cat holes in there if you can find them. Carp always hang out near the discharge Dink was referring to.

    Oh yeah, dont forget to try below the dam there, its got a nice assortment of fish there, Bass, crappies, Saugeye, carp , Cats and the occaisonal northern pike even

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    GMR TIP: bring lots of sinkers, hook & swivels, becasue you will need them!