Great Miami River Sturday and Sunday Night.

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    I decided to try fishing the river spite the fact that the river is up. On saturday, I went to the mouth of holes creek and no luck. SO I went to get something to eat and then made my way to the Miamisburg boat ramp and there was far too many people there given the conditions. So I heard some guys talking about going to Crains Run park... plenty of room there so I decided to go there as well. I had a couple of bite and then finally was able to catch a pound and a half channel on fish on herring.

    Last night I went to the boat ramp and not a person there. I set up and had some really nice tugs and they was too small to take the size bait I was using. I was using cut shad and night crawlers. I finally hooked up with a fish that weighed a little over 2 pound and in that current it felt like a toad.

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