Great Miami River near Troy

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    Dayton Area Ohio
    Besides a couple very nice saugeye near a low head dam, my buddy TJ and I each caught some decent channies today a couple running close to 4 pounds and a boy near the dam had one that easily would have run 5 on a stringer. He had pulled in a dink earlier as we were occupied with saugeyes before the clouds broke and they shutoff. We headed down stream a bit to a place we often find them "stacked" The cats turned off about noon and I left at 1. Once again creek chub heads were the key, though TJ did get one channel with a live shiner. We spent about an hour yesterday catching the chubs and shiners with hook and line in a creek in a park creek near Dayton yesterday. What a great weekend fishing around work and othe robligations and I hope everyone else had a chance to get out or do what you enjoy most
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    Thanks for sharing Scott, sounds like it was a good trip out.:big_smile: